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A Darker Shade of Red

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Improver / Intermediate
Norman Gifford (USA) - September 2019
Something's Going On - Trace Adkins
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Dance can be done as a split floor with "Keeping Secrets"

#32 Beat Count-in

(Step forward, rock-step, back-lock-step, rock-step, scissor-step)
1-3Left step forward; right rock forward; left replace
4&5Right step back; left cross-lock; right step back
6-7Left rock back; right replace forward
8&1Left step side; right step back; left crossover

(Sway, sway, chassè right, cross-rock, recover, turning sailor-step)
2-3Right step side in hip sway; hip sway left
4&5Right step side; left together; right step side
6-7Left cross-rock; right replace
8&Left sweep behind turning ¼ left; right together [9:00]
*** Restart in wall #4 (9:00 wall) you will be facing 6:00.

(Walk, walk, pencil-hook, forward-lock-step, rock-step, step back, crossover)
1-3Left step forward; right step forward; left step forward in pencil-hook ½ right [3:00]
4&5Right step forward; left lock behind; right step forward
6-7Left rock forward; right replace back
8&Left step back; right crossover

(Step side, rock back, replace, chassè right, cross-rock, replace, sweep back, together)
1-3Left step side; right rock back; left replace
4&5Right step side; left together; right step side
6-7Left cross-rock; right replace
8&Left sweep back; right together [3:00]


TAG: Done at the end of wall #7 (12:00 wall) you will be facing 3:00.
(Step forward, mambo-stepping back, rock-step )
1Left step forward
2&3Right rock forward; left replace; right step back
4&Left rock back; right replace



Happy Feeet September 3, 2019
Love this sound track, thank you for your time working on the choreography for us dancers to enjoy. Next teach this week.

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