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A Day

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Improver / Intermediate
Eun Mi Lim & S.E.A of love (February 2019)
A Day (하루) by Kim Bum-Soo (김범수)
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Intro: #16 Counts (approx. 16secs); Restart in Wall 5

(S1) Side, Rock Back/Recover, Side, Behind, 1/4L Forward, Forward, Forward, Pivot 1/2R, Forward, Full Turn L.
1-2&Step R to right side, Rock back on L, Recover on R.
3-4&Step L to left side, Step R behind L, 1/4turn L stepping L forward. (9:00)
5-6&Step forward R, Step forward L, Pivot 1/2turn R (end weight on R) (3:00).
7-8&Step forward on L, 1/2turnL stepping R back (9:00), 1/2turn L stepping L forward (3:00). *Restart at this point during wall 5 (facing 3:00)

(S2) Side, Cross, Side, Behind with Sweep, Behind, Side, Rock Cross/Recover, side, Rock Cross/Recover, side, Rock Cross/Recover.
1-2&Step R to right side, Cross L over R, Step R to right side.
3-4&Step L behind R while sweep R from front toward back. Step R behind L, Step L to left side.
5&6&Rock cross R over L, Recover on L, Step R to right side, Rock cross L over R.
7&8&Recover on R, Step L to left side, Rock cross R over L, Recover on L.
(Note: 5&6&7&8& - Ball step)

(S3) 1/4R Forward with sweep, Forward with sweep, Forward Lock Shuffle, Lunge Forward, Walk Back R-L-R, 1/2L Forward, Forward.
1-21/4turn R step R forward while sweep L from back toward front (6:00), Step L forward while sweep R from back toward front.
3&4Step R forward, Step L behind R, Step R forward.
5-6&Lunge L forward bending L knee (Bring L arm forward), Step R Back, Step L Back.
7-8&Step R back, 1/2turn L stepping L forward (12:00), Step R forward.

(S4) Cross, Side, 1/8L Back, Back, 1/8L Side, 1/8L Forward, Forward, Behind, Forward, 1/8L Side with Sway, Side with Drag
1-2&Cross L over R, Step R to right side, 1/8turn L stepping L back (10:30).
3-4&Step R back, 1/8turn L stepping L to left side (9:00), 1/8turn L stepping R forward (7:30).
5-6&Step L forward, Step R behind L, Step L forward.
7-81/8turn L stepping R to right side with sway R (6:00), Step L to left side with drag R toward L.

(*) Footnote:
Wall 1, 3 and 5 start facing 12:00 / Wall 2 and 4 start facing 6:00.
*Restart: on Wall 5 dance up to count 8&, then restart facing 3:00.
Wall 6, 8 and 10 start facing 3:00 / Wall 7 and 9 start facing 9:00

Eun Mi: Eun Ah:

( 05:44:02)


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