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A Good Run Of Bad Luck
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Dwight Birkjær ( DK: May 2017)
A Good Run Of Bad Luck, by Clint Black
Intro 36 Count.

S1: ½ turn L, Flick L, Kick L Flick R, Back Rock, Step R, Flick L
1-4½ turn left stepping R fwd., flick L behind, kick L, step down L flick R behind
5-8Rock back R, recover L, step fwd. R, flick L

S2: Jump Back Kick, ¼ turn R Cross Rock Flick, Back Rock Kick, ¼ turn R step back R Kick L, ½ turn R step L Back Kick R, ¼ turn R Cross Rock R Flick L, ¼ turn R Back Rock Kick R, Step R Down Flick L
1-2Jump back L kick R, ¼ turn right cross rock R flick L,
3-4Step back L kick R, ¼ turn right stepping back R kick L
5-6½ turn right stepping L back kick R, ¼ turn right cross rock R, flick L
7-8¼ turn right stepping back L kick R, step down R flick L

S3: Vine cross, Scissor step Cross, Flick R
1-4Step L to side, R behind, L to side, cross R
5-8Step L to side, R behind L, step L cross R, flick R

S4: ¼ Turn L step R back, Hook L in front, ½ turn L step L fwd., Flick R, Jump Cross Rock, Back Rock
1-4¼ turn left stepping R back, Hook L in front, ½ turn left stepping L fwd., flick R behind
5-8Cross rock R flick L, step back L kick R, jump back R kick L, recover L

S5: ¼ turn L step R to side, Stomp L, Side Stomp, Back Rock, Heel strut
1-4¼ turn left stepping R to side, stomp up L, step L to side, stomp up R
5-8jump back rock R kick L, recover L, step fwd. on R heel, R toe down

S6: Step ½ turn R, ½ turn R, Pitchen toes ½ turn R
1-4Step fwd. L, ½ turn right, ½ turn right, step L beside R
5-8Making ½ turn right Pitcher toes, (toes out, in, out, in, weight on R)

S7: Cross Rock, Back Kick Hook, Lock step, Stomp
1-4Cross rock L flick R, recover R kick L, jump back L kick R, hook R in front L
Tag and ending wall 5
5-8Step fwd. R, lock L behind R, step fwd. R, stomp L

S8: Rock, Recover, ½ Turn L Rock, Recover, ½ turn L, Stomp R, Back Rock
1-4Rock fwd. L, recover R, ½ turn left rock L fwd., recover R
5-8½ turn left stepping fwd. L, stomp up R, jump back rock R, recover L

Tag: 20 count after 1 and 3 wall and after 52 count 5 wall:
Vine R, Rolling vine L, Step ½ turn left, R Heel strut, step ½ turn right, L Heel strut, R rocking Chair
1-4Step R to side, L behind, R to side, point L,
5-8¼ turn left stepping down L, ½ turn left stepping back R, ¼ turn left stepping L to side, scuff R
9-12Step fwd. R, ½ turn left, step fwd. on R heel, R toe down
13-16Step L fwd., ½ turn right, step fwd. on L heel, L toe down
17-20Rock fwd. R, recover L, rock back R, recover L

Ending 4 count: ¼ turn Stomp, ¼ turn Stomp fwd.
1-4¼ turn left stepping R fwd., Stomp up L, 17¤ turn left stepping L fwd., Stomp R fwd.

Contact: dwightgoldwing@gmail.com

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