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A Little Loyalty

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Julia Wetzel (USA) - February 2019
Loyal to Me - Nina Nesbitt
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Intro: 32 counts, start on lyrics “If you” (19 sec. into track)
Note: No Tag or Restart
[1 – 8] ¼ L Paddle Turn (2x), Jazz Box, Cross
1 - 4Step R fw (1), ¼ Turn left step L in place (2), Repeat ¼ left Paddle Turn (3-4)
Optional Styling for Wall 2, 5, 8 & 9 (Do four ⅛ left Paddle Turns/Chugs): Step R fw (1), ⅛ Turn left step L in place (&), Repeat 3 more times for (2&3&4&) listen for lyrics “Tell him, tell him” 6:00
5 - 8Step R over L (5), Step L back (6), Step R to right side (7), Cross L over R (8) 6:00
[9 – 16] ¼ R Shuffle, Shuffle, Rock, Back, ¼ L Side
1&2, 3&4¼ Turn right step R fw (1), Step L next to R (&), Step R fw (2), Fw Shuffle L R L (3&4)
Styling: Turn body slightly to right diag. on R shuffle, turn body slightly to left diag. on L shuffle 9:00
5 - 8Rock R fw (5), Recover L (6), Step R back (7), ¼ Turn left step L to left side (8) 6:00
[17- 24] Cross Samba R L, Step, Pivot ¼ L, Cross, Side
1&2Cross R over L (1), Rock L to left side (&), Recover R (2) 6:00
3&4Cross L over R (3), Rock R to right side (&), Recover L (4) 6:00
5 - 8Step R fw (5), Pivot ¼ turn left weight on L (6), Cross R over L (7), Step L to left side (8) 3:00
[25 – 32] ½ R Side, Hold & Side, Touch, Kick & Point & Point, ¼ L Together
1, 2&3, 4½ Hinge Turn right step R to right side (1), Hold (2), Step L next to R (&), Step R to right side (3), Touch L next to R (4) 9:00
5&6&Kick L fw (5), Step L next to R (&), Point R to right side (6) Step R next to L (&) 9:00
7, 8Point L to left side (7), ¼ Turn L step L next to right (8) 6:00,


Poppet February 16, 2019
Great music, great dance Julia ! Love the synchronicity of the paddle turns.

Julia1wetzel February 16, 2019
Thanks Poppet! Glad you like it. Those paddle turns are kinda fun...if I do say so myself. hahaha! :D

Al McGee February 16, 2019
- Very nice dance, Julia. Very smooth patterns that fit the feel of the music to a tee. Job well done.

Happy Feeet February 18, 2019
Love it ! Julia. Choreography fits like a glove to this beautiful sultry and yet rthymic music.
Next teach on Happy Feet Wed class. (Signed) Your fans in Hawaii.

Julia1wetzel February 18, 2019
Thanks Al for your nice comments on my dance. Hope to dance it with you in Dallas in April. xx

Julia1wetzel February 18, 2019
Thank you very much Don for your kind words and for teaching my dance. Please say hi to everyone for me and I hope they'll enjoy this dance. xx

Happy Feeet February 18, 2019
Will do, Julia. Monique mentioned your new dance to last Sunday. Everyone went "YAY" !

LeisureLineDance February 26, 2019
Very nice choreography, fits the music and the lyrics; especially the 1/8 turns on the "tell him" brightened the dance. Must teach!

Julia1wetzel February 26, 2019
I really appreciate your nice comments on my Choreography LeisureLineDance. Glad you like the fast 1/8 paddles. They're my favorite part of the dance. ;) Thanks for teaching it. xx

Joey March 3, 2019
This is tomorrow's teach in Cornwall ON

Julia1wetzel March 14, 2019
Thank you for letting me know Joey. I hope your teach went well. :) xx

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