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A Little Night Club

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Absolute Beginner NC2S
Sarah Preston - January 2020
Unknown (To You) - Jacob Banks
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To introduce my beginner dancers to the NC2 Rhythm and provide a floor split for some of our favorite intermediate dances.

Suggested Music: Any Night Club 2 Step
Unknown - Jacob Banks
Just Like Jesse James – Cher
Strip It Down – Luke Bryan
Cowboys & Kisses – Anastacia
Tell Your Heart to Beat Again – Danny Gokey

Night Club Basic, 3 walks, rock, recover, turn ¼ to left
1-2&Step right foot to right, step left foot behind right foot, step right foot across left foot
3-4&Step left foot to left, step right foot behind left foot, step left foot across right foot
5, 6, 7Walk forward right, left, right
8 & 1rock forward onto left foot, recover to right making 1/4 turn to left, step forward on left

Cross Rock Left and right, Sway right, sway left, step right, cross left over
2 & 3Cross right over left, replace weight to left, step side right
4 & 5Cross leftover right, replace weight to right, step side left
6, 7Sway right, sway left
8&Step right foot to right, Cross left foot over right


Tabak January 20, 2020
Very nice introduction to NC! Jeanne C.

Bootscooter January 23, 2020
Per stepsheet, second set of 8 shows cross rock - person doing the video, whom I think is Patti is doing back rock, same as the beginning - the video will need to be corrected or the stepsheet which ever it is supposed to be!

Nwad January 23, 2020
I noticed the same as Bootscooter. The instructor in the video is not doing the steps as written on the stepsheet. This may be why the ending was not easy for her? We've all been there. :)

Lanie March 5, 2020
Why is this called night club 2? I do not understand the 2. I do understand a regular night club count is 1 hold 2, 3-4.

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