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A Little Poison

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Easy Intermediate
Kate Henry (CAN) - March 2014
Pour a Little Poison - David Ford
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Intro: 40 counts

Point, Step, Point, Step, Rock recover, Coaster step
1-2Point R side R (1) step R in front (2)
3-4Point L side L (3) step L in front (4)
5-6Step R forward (5) step L in place (6)
7&8Step back on R (7) step L beside R (&) step forward on R (8)

Cross strut, ¼ strut, Shuffle, Rock recover
1-2Cross L toe over R (1) step down on L (2)
3-4¼ turn L, touch R toe back (3) step down on R (4)
5&6Step side with L (5) step R beside L (&) step side with L (6)
7-8Step R forward (7) Step L in place (8)

Strut, Cross strut, Rock recover, Cross shuffle
1-2Touch R toe side R (1) step down on R (2)
3-4Touch L toe over R (3) step down on L (4)
5-6Step R side R (5) step L in place (6)
7&8Cross R over L (7) step L to side (&) cross R over L (8)

Strut, Cross strut, Rock recover, ¼ Coaster
1-2Touch L toe side (1) Step down on L (2)
3-4Touch R toe over L (3) Step down on R (4)
5-6Step L side L (5) step R in place (6)
7&8Step L behind (7) ¼ turn L, step R beside L (&) step L forward (8)
(* Restart here walls 2, 5 & 8)

V step, Kick ball change
1-2Touch R toe to R corner (1) Step down on R (2)
3-4Touch L toe to L corner (3) Step down on L (4)
5-6Step back R (5) Step L beside R (6)
7&8Kick R forward (7) step R back (&) step L forward (8)

Have fun!



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