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A Little Southbound

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Cathy Breed (AUS) - July 2019
Southbound - Carrie Underwood : (Album: Cry Pretty - iTunes)
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Intro: 8 Counts, Weight on left – Starts on the word “We”

Side, Behind, Side, Heel, Together, Cross, ¼, Coaster, Ball Step
1 2&Step R to right, Step L behind right, Step R to right
3&4Touch L Heel to left diagonal, Step L beside right, Step R across left
5 6&7Turn ¼ right step L back, Step R back, Step L beside right, Step R forward (3)
&8Step L beside right, Step R forward

Step, Pivot, ½ Shuffle, Back, Rock, Shuffle
1 2Step L forward, Pivot ½ right stepping into R
3&4Turn ½ right step back on R, Step L beside right, Step R back (3)
5 6Step R back, Rock forward onto L
7&8Step R forward, Step L beside right, Step R forward (3)

Step, Stomp, ¼ Bounce x 3, Sailor, Behind, Side, Across
1 2Step L forward, Stomp R forward
3&4Turn ¼ Left bouncing on balls of both feet x 3 (finishing weight R)
5&6Step L behind right, Step R to right, Step L to left
7&8Step R behind left, Step L to left, Step R across in front of left (12)

Side, Hinge, Shuffle, Cross, Back, Together, Step, Scuff
1 2Rock L to left, Rock/Recover onto R
3&4Turn ½ left step L to left, Step R beside left, Step L to left (6)
5 6&Step R across left, Step L back, Step R beside left
7 8Step L forward, Scuff R forward (6)
Rock, Recover, ½ Turn, ½ Turn, Back, Rock, Kick, Ball, Step
1 2Step R forward, Rock/Recover onto L
3 4½ turn right step R forward, ½ turn right step L back
5 6Step R back, Rock/Recover onto L
7&8Kick R forward, Step R beside left, Step L forward (6)

Forward, Rock, Side, Rock, Back, Rock, Touch, Behind, ¼, Step, Pivot ¾
1&2&Step R forward, Rock/Recover onto Left, Rock R to right, Rock/Recover onto L
3&4Step R back, Rock/Recover onto L, Point R to right side
5 6Step R behind left, Turn ¼ left step L forward (3)
7 8Step R forward, Turn ¾ left keeping weight L (6)

Start Dance Again – Enjoy!

Tag/Restart – On Wall 3, dance to Count 32 then add the following 4 Steps
Push Hips R,L,R,L then Restart Dance

Free to be copied provided no changes are made to the original choreography.
Cathy Breed – 0414 951 207 -


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