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A Little Tango For FunD

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High Beginner - Tango
Winnie Yu (CAN) - May 2012
Hernando's Hideaway – The Alfred Hause Orchestra
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Intro: 32 counts

* Special Thanks To Vivian Robles from Alhambra, California for share with me this awesome track.

Sec. 1: 2 Slow Tango Walks Forward, Fwd, Big Step Slide & Look - [ Basic walk & progressive link]
1-4Step forward on left, slide right to left, step forward on right, slide left to right
5-8Step left forward, BIG step right to right, slide left to right (count 7-8, weight still on right), look left on count 8

Sec. 2: Side, Slide, Cross, Hold, Back Rock In Place, Recover, Side, Together - [ Closed Promenade ]
1-4Step left to left side, slide right to left, cross right over left, hold , face diagonal left 11:00
5-8Step back on Left, recover onto right, step left to left side, stomp right together left and look forward on count 8 * Count 1 – 7 still look left

Sec. 3: 2 Slow Tango Walks Backward, Back Recover Back In Place, Hook Across
1-4Step left backward, slide right to left, step right backward, slide left to right
5-8Back rock on left, recover onto right, step back on left, hook right across left foot with look left

Sec. 4: Fwd, 1/4 R Point, Fwd, Point, Vine L, 1/4 R Tango Lift
1-4Step right forward and look fwd, make a ¼ turn right and point left to left side, step left forward, point right to right side (3:00) **
5-8Step right cross behind left, step left to left side, cross right over left, hitch left foot make a ¼ right turn (6:00)

Ending: Wall 9 (12:00) – 31 counts
Dance until Section 4 – counts 4 (**28 counts ), then step right together left (5), hold (6), 1/4 L and stomp left
forward (7) and pose …

Note: This Dance is Choreographed FOR the Heart & Stroke Foundation AND Specially Dedicated to My Students Performance On this Charity Gala at Hilton Suites Hotel Toronto - Saturday May 26, 2012 :-
Heartily Thankful To:~ Agnes C., Ann H., Bernice C., Christina L., Connie M., Dodo W., Elsa L., Flora L., Hilda K., Jennifer B., Katie C., Lily C., Linda K., Maphine S., Raymond C., Samantha Y., Vincee W., Winnie Ho, Winnie Leung, Winnie Wan & Winnie Ye. - (We Dance For FunD)

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