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A Love Like Ours
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Sandy Kerrigan (Sydney) Australia – July 2017
If You Ever Leave Me by Barbra Streisand & Vice Gill / Duets / iTunes
Dance Info: Dance starts with wt on L – Feet Apart - Start on lyrics - BPM [128:] Track Length 4:30

Cross, Sweep Cross, Weave to R Side, Back Sweep, Cross Behind, Ball Cross, Ball Cross, Side 12:00
1 2 &Cross R over L, Sweep L to Cross over R, Step R to R Side
3 & 4 &Cross L Behind R, Step R to R Side, Cross L over R, Step R to R Side
5 6Step Back on L-Sweeping R back, Cross R Behind L
& 7 & 8Place Ball of L to L side, Cross R over L, Place Ball of L to L Side, Cross R over L
&Step L to L Side**Restart HERE in Wall 4 and 9 @ 6:00

Tap, ¼ R Side, Cross, Hitch Cross, ¼ R Back, Step Back with Hook, Fwd, ½ Back, 1/8th Diagonal, ½ Pivot Turn R, Step Fwd (facing Back L 45°)
1 2 3Tap R next o L, Turning ¼ R-Step R to R side, Cross L over R(start hitching R)
4 & 5Hitch R to Cross over L, Turning ¼ R-Step Back L, Step Back R-Hooking L over R
6 & 7Step Fwd L, Turn ½ L-Step Back on R, Turn 1/8th L to face front L45°-Step Fwd L
8 &Step Fwd R, 1/2 Pivot Turn L-wt on L
* Restart HERE wall 2 @ 12:00 and wall 6 @ 6:00-Slighlty straighten up to the right.
1Step Fwd R-facing Back L45°

½ Pivot Turn, 3/8thR Step Back Sweep, R Mambo Step-L Hitch to Side, Back Lock Shuffle, ¼ R-Ball Cross, Side
2 & 3(Facing Back L45° Step Fwd L, ½ Pivot Turn R-wt on R, Turning 3/8th R-Step Back on L (small step) Sweeping R to 3:00 ( Sweep or Lift R around to R Side)
4 & 5Rock Back on R, Replace Fwd to L, Step Fwd R- Hitching L to L Side (side Hitch)
6 & 7Step Back on L, Lock R over L, Step Back L (turning body slightly to Left)
& 8 &Turning ¼ R to 6:00-Step Ball of R to R Side, Cross R over L, Step R to R Side

1/8th L Diagonal Back Rock, 3/8th R-Step Back 9:00, Back Rock Step, Full Turn Fwd L, Push Back, ¼ L Side, Cross , Syncopated Left Vine 6:00
1 2 &Rock Back on L to Back L45°,Replace to R, Turn 3/8th R to 9:00-Step Back on L 9:0
3 4 & 5Rock Back onto R, Step Fwd L, Turning ½ L-Step Back on R, ½ L-Step Fwd L
6 & 7Push Back onto Ball of R, Turning ¼ L-Step L to L Side 6:00, Cross R over L
& 8 &Step L to L Side, Cross R Behind L, Step L to L side 6:00

Note: Walls 2 and 6 are the same- Restarting 12:00 and 6:00* (16 &)
Walls 4 and 9 are the same both restarting at 6:00** (8 &)

Contact: 0412 723 326 - http://www.kerrigan.com.au/ info@kerrigan.com.au

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