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A Nest-trotline

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Phillinedance Kim Mi Jung (March 2020)
둥지 by Nam Jin
Start on lyrics ( App. 24 sec. into track) 2 tags, 1 Restart

Section 1: Cross R, Recover L, Side R, Hold, Cross L, Recover R, Side L, Hold
1-4Cross R over L, recover L, step R to R side, hold
5-8Cross L over R, recover R, step L to L side, hold

Section 2: 1/2 Paddle Turn, Rocking chair
1-41/4 left point right to right side, recover L, 1/4 left point right to right side recover L
5-8Step fw on R, recover L, step back on R, recover L
* Restart: here on 8 wall facing (3:00)

Section 3: Scissors Step, R, L
1-4Step R to R side, close L to R, cross R over L, hold
5-8Step L to L side, close R to L, cross L over R, hold

Section 4: Fwd Rock, Shuffle back, Back rock, 1/4 turn Shuffle L
1-2Step fw on R, recover L
3&4Step back on R, close L next to R, step back on R
5-6Step back on L, recover R
7&81/4 turn step fw on L, close R next to L, step fw on L

T1. After 2, 10 walls, Side touchs twice (8count)
T2. After 3, 4, 11, 12 walls, (4count)
Side touches:
1-4Step R to R side, touch L next to R, step L to L side, touch R next to L

*Restart: on 8 wall after 16 count facing (3:00)

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Last Update – 28 March 2020


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