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A Perfect Day

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Absolute Beginner
Monita Lim (MY) - January 2014
It's Your World Now - Eagles
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Intro : 32 counts

Rumba Box Forward, Rumba Box Back
1-2Step R to R, Step L beside R
3-4Step R forward, Hold
5-6Step L to L, Step R beside L
7-8Step L back, Hold

Vine ¼ Turn R, Vine Left
1-2Step R to R, Step L behind R,
3-4¼ Turn R Step R to R, Touch L beside R
5-6Step L to L, Step R behind L
7-8Step L to L, Touch R beside L

Rocking Chair (2X)
1-4Rock forward on R, Recover on L, Rock back on R, Recover on L
5-8Repeat 1-4

Jazz Box ¼ Turn Right (2X)
1-4Cross R over L, Step back on L, ¼ Turn R step R to R, Step L forward
4-8Repeat 1-4

Enjoy & Have fun!



Pismo May 9, 2016
A jazz box is inappropriate for an AB dance

Sanduey February 1, 2021
Have to agree with Pismo and also would like to see a video - I don't teach a dance unless the choreographer takes enough time to do a video. It's a good dance and looks like it will go to a lot of music.

Stayin Alive February 11, 2021
Numerous AB line dances have jazz boxes--the 2 1/4 jazz box turns are more difficult for absolute beginners. I'd give it a try because some line dance instructors where I teach have taught it to their AB students.

Sanduey February 12, 2021
Right now, I can't think of any AB dances that have jazz boxes or turning jazz boxes, let alone 2 turning jazz boxes - this would make a great dance for Beginners. AB dances are for BRAND NEW dancers. I think some choreographers forget when they started line dancing that just learning and putting together some of the basic steps was a challenge.

Stayin Alive February 28, 2021
Be. Bop EZ has a jazz box in place and a turning Jazz box. It's labeled AB. Banjo has a jazz box with a cross; it's labeled AB. Rain Dance has a jazz box with a cross. It's labeled AB. AB A Reason to Stay has a jazz box. Ah Si! has a jazz box, an older AB line dance. Baby It's My Party has a jazz box--also labeled AB. AB Lovin on You by Janet Cummings has a jazz box. Born to be Blue is an AB dance that has a right turning jazz box. AB Can't Break it to My Heart has a 1/4 turn jazz box. AB Every Girl has a jazz box tag. AB Gotta Be Hungry has a jazz box. AB Ladies in the 90s has a jazz box. I guess I wonder how will AB dancers ever learn a jazz box if they don't see one in an AB class? Admittedly turning jazz boxes are more difficult. Sometimes you have to warn the students--this step is more difficult, don't stress out about it and don't worry if you don't get it on the first few tries. If they never try, they'll never learn.

Sanduey February 28, 2021
Thank you, but just because they label it at an AB level doesn't make it an AB dance. I do not want my students to "give up" learning to line dance because they feel it is too hard - I want them to get as addicted to line dancing as I am LOL. To me an AB dance has most of the very basic line dance steps, but to each their own as the old saying goes.

Stayin Alive February 28, 2021
I feel the same way about wanting my students to learn line dancing. Preparing AB students to learn a new step won't make them give up learning if it's done carefully. I teach a large AB class. Some may give up but it's not for lack of care on my part. I know you're a very dedicated, wonderful teacher and that you put your students first. Putting a jazz box or two in a dance should not disqualify it as AB in my opinion, nor should it be a red flag that sends students running out of class because it's too hard. I could argue that the K-step and the grapevine are harder than a jazz box. I've seen students struggle with the K-step as much, if not more, than a jazz box. At least with the jazz box, you can use the old march in place trick until they adjust to the idea of shifting weight properly. Isn't it kinder that they learn the jazz box in an AB class where it will be taught with greater care than have them jump in a Beginner class where they will be expected to know it already? Most line dance instructors will gauge student ability, use their judgment and do what's best for the students. I'd rather nurse them through the jazz box slowly, let them get some practice in, than have them have the shock of their lives in a Beginner class. I recognize that a number are first time line dancers and that it is frightening. But they generally are frightened of every step. You're the best teacher I've ever had. I learned almost all of what I know about line dancing from you Sanduey. We just have a difference of opinion on this one small thing.

Sanduey March 1, 2021
Okay - you have made some very good points so I'll have say I agree. I'll teach this step to my AB students. You are such a caring person and I know you love your students. Take care and hope to see you on the squares.

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