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A Pretty Sister

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S.E.A of love (April- 2018)
Save The Last Dance For Me by Bruce Willis (밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나 OST)
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Start - 32 Count
Restart: After 3W 32C, 4W 56C
Sequence: 16,64,Tag,64,tag,32,56,64,tag,64,Tag,1/4End

P.S: 64 Count must adding Tag

Intro 16Count- Tag 8C,Repeat –16Count

1-4Rf Skate Diagonal R,Lf beside Rf Touch, Lf Skate Diagonal L, Rf beside Lf Touch
5-8Rf Skate Back Diagonal R,Lf beside touch, Lf Skate Back Diagonal L,Rf beside touch

[1 – 8] R Side Rock,Recover,Crossing Shuffle, L Side Rock,Recover, Full Turn Sailor
1 2 3&4: RF Side Rock (1), Recover L (2), RF Cross Over LF (3), LF step to side (&)RF Cross Over LF (4)
5 6 7&8: LF Side Rock (5), Recover RF (6) LF Cross Behind RF(7), RF next To making 1/2turn L(&)continuing to turn cross LF over Rf 1/2 turn (8) 12:00

[9 – 16] Vine Step, Cross, Scissors Step, Hold
1 2 3 4: RF SIde R (1), LF Behind RF (2), RF Side R (3) Lf Cross Over RF(4)
5 6 7 8:Side R (5) LF Beside RF(6) RF Cross Over LF(7) Hold (8)

[17 – 24] 1/4 Left Shuffle,Forward Rock,Recover,1/2 Shuffle, Forward Rock, Recover & Sweep
1&2: 1/4 L Forward Step LF(1)RF beside LF(&)LF forward step(2)9:00
3-4: RF forward Rock(3) LF Recover(4)
5&6:make ½ turn right stepping forward RF(5) LF beside RF(&) RF Forward step(6)
7-8: LF Forward Rock(7) RF Recover & LF Sweep from front to back(8) 3:00

[25 – 32] Behind,Side,Cross,Hitch,Cross Rock,Recover,Cross in place step,Together step(Weight L)
1–8LF Cross behind RF(1) RF Side Step (2) Lf Cross over RF (3) RF Diagonal Hitch(4) RF Cross Rock step(5) LF Recover(6) RF Cross inPlace step (7) LF together step (Weight L) After 3W Restart

[33 – 40] Half Rumba box,Hook,Forward step,Flick,Back step,Forward kick
1-8: RF Side step (1), Lf Together RF(2) RF Back step(3) LF Hook(4) Lf Forward step(5) RF Flick(6) RF Back step(7) LF Forwaed Kick(8)

[41 – 48] Forwaed step,Bruch,Forward step,Brush,Chase 1/2turn,Hold
1-4: Lf Forward step(1) RF Brush(2) RF Forward step(3) Lf Brush(4)
5-8: LF Forward step Pivot(5) 1/2 RF step(6) LF Forward step(7) Hold(8) 9:00

[49 – 56] Hinge Turn,Cross,Hold,Hinge Turn,Cross,Hold,
1-4: RF 1/2 L Back step-3:00(1) LF 1/4 L Side step-12:00(2) RF Cross step(3) Hold(4)
5-8: LF 1/4 R Back step-3:00(5) RF 1/4 R Side step-6:00(6) LF Cross step(7) Hold(8)

[57 – 64] Toe&Heel Switch,Cross Unwind Full Turn
1&2&3&4&: RF Toe Slightly Back Touch(1) RF beside step LF(&) LF Heel Slightly Diagonal forward touch (2) LF beside step RF(&) RF Toe Slightly Back Touch(3) RF beside step LF(&) LF Heel Slightly Diagonal forward touch(4) LF beside step RF(&)
5-8: RF Cross step (Weight RF) Unwind L Full Turn 6:00(Last Weight LF)



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