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A Reel Craic

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Easy Intermediate
Daniel Whittaker (UK) & Pat Stott (UK) - September 2017
Lyin' Eyes by The Outlaws (4:20 - iTunes)
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START: Start on vocals - if you want you can fade out the last 30 secs as it is a rather long track, equally if you want a bit of fun you could speed it up ;-)

[1-8] Kick Ball Change, Stomp, Kick, Coaster Step, Shuffle
1&2Kick right forward, step right beside left, step left beside right 12:00
3-4Stomp right beside left, kick right foot forward 12:00
5&6Right Coaster step 12:00
7&8Stuffle forward L-R-L 12:00

[9-16] Modified Jazz Box, Cross Shuffle, side rock, behind ¼ turn step
1-2Cross right over left, step left foot back 12:00
&3&4Step right beside left, cross left over right, step right to right side, cross left over right ** TAG 1 HERE ** 12:00
5-6Rock right to right side 12:00
7&8Step right behind left, make ¼ turn left stepping left foot forward, step right foot forward 09:00

[17-24] Step kick, back heel, step touch, forward tap, back heel, kick ball cross
1-2Step left forward kick, right foot forward 09:00
&3&4Step right back, touch let heel forward, step left in place, touch right toe beside left 09:00
&5&6&Hop right forward, touch left toe beside right, , step back left, touch right heel forward, step right beside left 09:00
7&8Kick left to left diagonal, step left beside right, cross right over left 09:00

[25-32] Box Chasse to make ½ turn, back rock
1&2Chasse left L-R-L make ¼ turn right 12:00
3&4Chasse right R-L-R make ¼ turn right 03:00
5&6Chasse left L-R-L 03:00
7-8Rock right back, recover weight on left 03:00

[33-40] Right shuffle forward, rock step, left coaster, ½ turn
1&2Shuffle forward R-L-R 03:00
3-4Rock left foot forward, recover weight on right 03:00
5&6Left Coaster step 03:00
7-8Step right forward, make ½ turn left 09:00

[41-48] Step right out, step left out HOLD, ball step, rock step Chasse
1-3Step right to right side, step left to left side, HOLD 09:00
&4Step right beside left, step left to left side 09:00
5-6Rock right over left, recover weight on left ** TAG 2 HERE ** 09:00
7&8Chasse to right side R-L-R 09:00

[49-56] Left touch front, side, coaster step, Right touch front, side, coaster step 09:00
1-2Touch left forward, touch left to left side 09:00
3&4Left coaster step 09:00
5-6Touch right forward, touch right to right side 09:00
7&8Right coaster step 09:00

[57-64] Paddle turn ¾ turn, left shuffle
1-2Step left forward, ¼ turn right 12:00
3-4Step left forward, ¼ turn right 03:00
5-6Step left forward, ¼ turn right 06:00
7&8Left shuffle forward L-R-L 06:00

TAG 1: Monterey turn (This happens during wall 3, facing 12:00 wall after count 12) indicated above
1-4Touch right toe out, make ½ turn right as you step right beside left, touch left to left side, close left to right. 06:00

TAG 2: ¼ turn walk forward right, left (this happens during wall 5 facing 09:00 wall, dance upto count 46) indicated above
1-2Make ¼ turn right walking forward right, left 12:00


Last Update – 12th Sept 2017



marief October 11, 2017
Enjoyed dancing this. Great music!

2TheBeat October 12, 2017
Taught the dance today. Everybody just loves it. So, we danced it 3 times.They had it after the first teach. Great job with the choreography!

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