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A Stupid Rumba

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William Sevone (UK)
"Something Stupid" (104 bpm)...Nancy & Frank Sinatra (iTunes / Amazon)
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Alternate music: -
“Something Stupid” (106 bpm)… Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman (iTunes / Amazon)
“Something Stupid” (104 bpm)… Raul Malo & Trisha Yearwood (iTunes / Amazon)

Choreographers note:- Use those Latin hips for a great effect with this simple Rumba
Always remember - 'The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul'.
Dance starts on the words ‘I know (I stand in line)…’ with the preparatory step (see below) this only happens ONCE
at the START of the dance. The dance starts proper with Count 1 on the word ‘(I know) I (stand in line)..’

Preparatory Step:
Weight on left foot (right heel raised).. Drop right heel placing weight onto the right foot.

S1: 2x Side Rock-Recover-Cross-Hold (12.00)
1 – 4Rock left to left side. Recover onto right. Cross left over right. Hold
5 – 8Rock right to right side. Recover onto left. Cross right over left. Hold

S2: Rock Fwd-Recover-Together-Hold. Rock Back-Recover-Together-Hold (12.00)
9 – 12Rock forward onto left. Recover onto right. Step left next to right. Hold
13 – 16Rock backward onto right. Recover onto left. Step right next to left. Hold

S3: Forward. 1/2 Back. Back. Hold. Slow Coaster. Hold (6.00)
17 – 20Step forward onto left. Turn ½ left (6) & step backward onto right. Step backward onto left. Hold
21 – 24Step backward onto right. Step left next to right. Step forward onto right. Hold

S4: 2x Diagonal Steps with Flick Kick (6.00)
25 – 28moving diagonally RIGHT (7.30): Step forward onto left. Step right next to left heel. Step forward onto left. Flick right foot back – calf high (as you turn for count 29)
29 – 32moving diagonally LEFT(4.30): Step forward onto right. Step left next to right heel. Step forward onto right. Flick left foot back – calf high (as you turn to face 6.00)

Dance Finish:
Nancy & Frank: Dance ends on Wall 8 Count 28 – Change Count 28
28 –Turn to face 12.00 and cross right over left.

Robbie & Nicole also Raul & Trisha : Dance ends on Wall 9 Count 20 – Changes to Count 19 and 20
19 –Turn ½ left (12) & step forward onto left. 20 – Touch right diagonally forward right.

Last Update – 19th Dec. 2017


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Gee, I hope no one reports any of your dances as “spam” om FB...

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