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A Tigger Tale

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William Sevone (UK) - August 2003
I've Got a Tiger By the Tail - Sara Evans : (CD: Three Chords And The Truth)
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Dance sequence:- Tag - 2x32- Tag - 3x32 - Tag - 1x32 - 14
Choreographers note:- There is a little twist in this Tigger tale...or should that be 'tail' ?.
It's in the shape of the '2 count Tags'. For even though the dance is basically a two wall dance, the Tags will
turn things on their head....and create two more walls
The title is not a misspell. Tigger’s are happy and carefree - but do tend to get things rather 'muxed ip'.
Always remember - 'The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul'.
Dance starts FACING THE 9:00 POSITION.on the vocals 'I've' as in 'I've got a Tiger by the tail' (see ‘TAG’)

Fwd. Pivot 1/4 (12:00)
1 - 3 1.('I've....') Step forward onto left. ('Got a....') 2-3.Pivot 1/4 right – shifting weight to right on ‘a’.

Touch: Cross-Side. Shuffle. Fwd. Pivot 1/4. Cross Shuffle. (9:00)
1 - 2 Touch left over right. Touch left to left side.
3& 4 Shuffle forward stepping: L.R-L.
5 - 6 Step forward onto right. Pivot 1/4 left (weight on left).
7& 8 Cross right over left, step left to left side, cross right over left.

Side. 1/2 Side. 3x Toe Touches. 1/4 Fwd. 1/4 Side. Reverse Cross Shuffle. (9:00)
9 - 10 Step left to left side. Turn 1/2 right & step right to right side (3).
11& 12 Touch left over right, touch left to left side, Touch left over right.
13 - 14 Turn 1/4 left & step forward onto left (12). Turn 1/4 left & step right to right side (9)
15& 16 Step left behind right, step right to right side, step left behind right.

1/4 Fwd. Fwd. Rock-Rec-1/2 Fwd. Walk Fwd: L-R. Kick-Together-1/2 Bwd (12:00)
17 - 18 Turn 1/4 right & step forward onto right (12). Step forward onto left.
19& 20 Rock forward onto right, recover onto left, turn 1/2 right & step forward onto right (6).
21 - 22 Walk forward: Left. Right.
23& 24 Kick left foot forward, step left next to right, turn 1/2 right & step backward onto right.

Walk Bwd: L-R. 1/2 Shuffle Turn. Rock. Rec. Bwd Lockstep. (6:00)
25 - 26 Walk backward: Left. Right.
27& 28 Turn 1/4 left & step left to left side (9), close right next to left, turn 1/4 left & step forward onto left (6).
29 - 30 Rock forward onto right. Recover onto left.
31& 32 Step backward onto right, lock left across front of right, step backward onto right.

Note: The Tags coincide with the semi talking vocal - and are performed SLOW.

DANCE FINISH: The dance will finish on count 14 of the 7th wall (facing 9:00 - if you have done the Tags).
To finish facing 12:00 (Home) replace count 14 with ‘Pivot ½ right.


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