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A Tiny Cha Cha

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Beginner Cha Cha
Winnie Yu (CAN) - June 2014
Tea For Two - Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Intro:32 cts - No Tag & Restart
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*Sec.4 off beat @ Wall 8, just keep dancing start Wall 9 @ 12:00
pls feel free email for cut edit music.

Alter. Music: C'mon N Ride (The Train) - Latin Jam - Intro:32 counts - No Tag & Restart
Alter. Music: Ola Chica (Latin Groove Mix) by Chico Fernandez

Intro: 64 counts start on vocal - Wall 2 after 24 cts add 4 counts tag restart
Alter. Music: Any Slow & Fast Tempo Cha Cha music
* This dance is dedicated to Hong Fook Mental Health Foundation
“Blossom of Hope” Charity Gala 2014

Section 1: Walk Forward : R-L-R, Touch Left, Walk Backward: L-R-L, Touch Right
1-2-3-4Walk forward on R-L-R, touch left toe to left side
5-6-7-8Walk back on L-R-L, touch right toe to right side

Section 2: (Fwd Right, Touch Left, Fwd Left, Touch Right) X2
1-2-3-4Step right forward, touch left to left side, step left forward, touch right to right side
5-6-7-8Repeat count 1 to 4

Section 3: Right Fwd Rock, Recover, Shuffle Back , Left Back Rock, Recover, Shuffle Fwd
1-2, 3&4Rock right forward, recover onto left, step right back, step left besides right, step right back
5-6, 7&8Rock left backward, recover onto right, step left forward, step right besides left, step left forward *2nd Alter. music *On wall 2 do 4 counts Tag here - Restart @ 3:00

Section 4: Right Fwd Rock, Recover, 1/4R Chasse R, Left Fwd Rock, Recover, Chasse L
1-2, 3&4Rock right forward, recover onto left, step right to right & make a ¼ right, step left besides right, step right to right (3:00)
5-6, 7&8Rock left forward, recover onto right, step left to left, step right besides left, step left to left

For 2nd Alter. music "Ola Chica" Only:-
Tag + Restart: On wall 2 dance up to count 24 & do the following 4 counts Tag
1-2-3-4Sway: R-L-R-L

Have fun & always dance with smile !

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