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A Woman's Love

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Low Intermediate
Tracie Lee (AUS) - May 2016
A Woman Loves - Steve Wariner : (Album: I am Ready)
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Dance Begins On Lyrics After An 8 Count Intro....

S1: Walk, Walk, Cross Side behind Sweep, behind Side Cross Sweep, Cross, Step Back
1-2Step R fwd across L, Step L fwd across R
3&4Step R across L, Step L to L Side, Step R behind L Sweeping L
5&6Step L behind R, Step R to R Side, Step L across R sweeping R to front
7-8Step R across L, Step back on L

S2: 1/4 turn R, Rock recover, 1/2 turn L Rock recover, 1/4 Step 1/2 pivot and Step 1/2 pivot
&1-2Turn 1/4 turn R & step R beside L, Rock fwd on L, replace weight to R
&3-4Turn 1/2 turn L & Step L beside R, Rock fwd on R, replace weight to L
&5-6Turn 1/4 turn R & step R beside L, Step L fwd, pivot 1/2 turn R
&7-8Step slightly fwd on L, Step R fwd, pivot 1/2 Turn L

S3: & Walk , walk, fwd coaster step, Sweep 1/2 turn, Walk, walk, fwd coaster sweep
&1-2Step R beside L, walk fwd L then R,
3&4Left Coaster step fwd & Sweep R into a 1/2 turn R
5-6Walk fwd R, L
7&8Right Coaster step fwd & Sweep L around to back

S4: Back, sweep, back sweep, L sailor Step, R sailor step with 1/4 turn R, Rock fwd L recover, Step together
1-2Step L back, Sweep R & Step back on R, Sweep L
3&4L sailor step
5&6R Sailor step with 1/4 turn R
7-8&Rock fwd on L, replace weigh to R, Step L beside R
[32] Begin again

TAG: At the end of walls 3 (3 oclock) & 6 (6 oclock), add the following 8 count tag..
1-2&Rock R to R side, replace weight to L, Step R beside L
3-4&Rock L to L side, replace weight to R, Step L beside R
5-8Step R to R side and sway hips R, L, R, L

Contact Tracie Lee - 0419 999 650 - -


Pilsy June 17, 2016
Lovely dance to do, works well with music

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