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AB Bounce

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Absolute Beginner
Glynn "Applejack" Rodgers - July 2016
Danza Kuduro – Don Omar Feat. Lucenzo (Preferred track)
Buy From Buy From
Pop Music: Timber – Pitbull Feat. Kesha
Latin Music: Nos Vamos De Party – BigStar & Ziel Feat. Mike Moonnight (starts approx 36 counts after vocals
start – approx 31 secs)
Country Music: Stars on the Water – George Strait

Note:This dance will fit to literally hundreds of tracks, use whatever you feel is best!
Have a track your dying to use? If it fits, use it!

[1-8]: Grapevine Right, Diag. Kick, Walk Back, Flick Back.
1-2: Step right to right side, cross left behind right.
3-4: Step right to right side, kick left over right angling body to right diagonal corner (1/8 turn)
5-6: Walk back left & right (remain facing right diag.)
7-8: Step back left squaring up to front wall, flick right foot back angling to left diagonal corner (1/8 Turn)

[9-16]: Walk Forward, Kick, Jazz box 1/8 Turn, Touch.
1-4: Walk forward right-left-right, kick left foot forward.
5-6: Cross left over right, turn 1/8 left stepping back right.
7-8: Step left to left side, touch right beside left.

[17-24]: Diag Step, Slide, Heel Bounces, Diag. Step, Slide, Heel Bounces.
1-2: Step right forward to right diagonal, slide left to right.
3-4: Raise both heels off the floor and drop back to floor x2.
5-6: Step left forward to left diagonal, slide right to left.
7-8: Raise both heels off the floor and drop back to floor x2.

[25-32]: Diag. Back, Touch x2, Slow Knee Rolls x2.
1-2: Step right diagonally back right, touch left beside right.
3-4: Step left diagonally back left, touch right beside left.
5-6: Roll right knee out in a full circle (clockwise) over 2 counts.
7-8: Roll left knee out in a full circle (anti-clockwise) over 2 counts.


( 23:29:46)


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