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Jo Conroy (UK) & Sharon Brizon (UK) - September 2014
All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor : (iTunes)
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Intro: 32 Counts

Section 1: Scuff. Step. Scuff. Step. In-In. Hold. Step Pivot 1/4
1-2-3-4Scuff R heel forward. Step R to R side. Scuff L heel forward. Step L to L side.
&5-6Step R in. Step L beside R. Hold.
7-8Step R forward. Pivot 1/4 turn L (weight on L).

Section 2: Fwd Mambo. Dip. Twerk. Heel-Hold & Heel & Hitch
1&2Rock R forward. Recover onto L. Step R beside L.
3Dip down bending both knees (optional: hands on thighs).
4Lean forward, pushing hips/bottom upwards.
5-6&Dig R heel forward. Hold. Step R in place.
7&8Dig L heel forward. Step L in place. Hitch R knee up.

Section 3: Back Rock. Scuff. Dip. Swivel Heel-Toes-Heel. Kick
1-2Rock R back. Recover weight onto L.
3-4Scuff R heel forward. Step R to R side bending both knees.
5-6-7-8Swivel L heel-toes-heel towards R. Kick L to R diagonal.

Section 4: Cross. Back & Cross. Hold. Unwind 1/2 turn. Hold. Coaster step
1-2Cross L over R. Step R back.
&3-4Step L back. Cross R over L. Hold.
5-6Unwind 1/2 turn L (weight on R). Hold.
7&8Step L back. Step R beside L. Step forward L.

Section 5: Jazz Jumps x 2. Toe Switches x 3. Flick
&1-2Step R forward. Step L forward. Hold.
&3-4Step R back. Step L back. Hold.
5&6&Point R toe to R Side. Step R beside L. Point L toe to L Side. Step L beside R.
7-8Point R toe to R Side. Flick R heel back.

Section 6: Cross Samba Steps x 2. Pivot 1/8 Turn x 2
1&2Cross R over L. Step L to L side. Step R to R side.
3&4Cross L over R. Step R to R side. Step L to L side.
5-6Step R forward. Pivot 1/8 turn L (weight on L).
7-8Step R forward. Pivot 1/8 turn L (weight on L).

Section 7: Forward Rock. Shuffle 1/2 Turn. Step. Tap & Heel & Step
1-2Rock R forward. Recover weight onto L
3&4Make ½ turn R, stepping forward R-L-R
5-6Step L forward. Tap R toe behind L heel.
&7&8Step R back. Tap L heel forward. Step L beside R. Step R forward.

Section 8: Pivot 1/4 Turn. Cross. Side. Behind. Side. Travelling Heel-Twist
1-2Step L forward. Pivot 1/4 turn R (weight on R)
3-4Cross L over R. Step R to R side.
5-6Cross L behind R. Step R to R side.
7Twist both heels to the R, travelling R.
8Twist both toes to the centre (weight on L)

Ending: The dance finishes on Count 62 facing 6 o’clock, so just unwind a ½ turn to face the front for a big Ta-Da!




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