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Addicted to the Dollar

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Jennie Berry (AUS) - October 2018
Addicted To a Dollar - Doug Stone : (Album: Songs to Remember Vol. 3 - iTunes)
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#16 count Intro.

Section 1: FORWARD ROCK, SIDE ROCK, BEHIND SIDE CROSS HOLD. right forward, rock back on left, side rock right to right side, rock onto left right behind left, step left to side, step right across in front of left, hold. (12.00)
Section 2: SIDE STRUT, ROCK BACK. TOE TOUCHES, SIDE FLICK. step left toe to the side, drop left heel to the floor, rock back on right step forward on left.
5.6.Touch right toe to the side, touch right toe beside right.
7.8Touch right toe to the right side, flick right behind left. (12.00)

Section 3: SIDE BEHIND ¼ TURN HOLD, PIVOT ¼ CROSS HOLD right to side, step left behind right turn 90 degrees right, hold. left forward, pivot, 90 degrees right, cross left over right, hold. (6.00)

Section 4: WEAVE RIGHT, SIDE ROCK KICK KICK right to right side, step left behind right, step right to side step left across in front of right. rock onto right, rock left to left side two kicks 45 degrees left. (6.00)

Section 5: SIDE ROCK, BACK ROCK, LOCK STEP FORWARD HOLD right to right side, rock onto left. Step back on right, rock forward on left. right forward, lock left behind right, step right forward, hold. (6.00)
Section 6: FORWARD ROCK ½ TURN HOLD. PIVOT ¼ TURN HOLD. left forward, rock back on right, turn 180 degrees left, and hold right forward, pivot 90 degrees left, step right forward hold. (9.00)

Section 7: FORWARD TAP, BACK KICK, COASTER STEP HOLD. forward on left tap right behind left, step back on right, low kick with left.*** Coaster: step back on left, step right together, step left forward. (9.00)

Section 8: PIVOT ½ TURN HOLD, FULL TURN FORWARD HOLD right forward, pivot 180 degrees left, step right forward, hold 180 degrees right step back on left, turn 180 degrees right, step forward on left hold. (3.00)

[64] Begin again

TAG: 12 count Tag end of wall 3 facing 9.00:
1.2Step right forward 45 degrees, touch left beside right.
3.4Step left back 45 degrees, touch right beside left. ¼ right, step right to the side touch left beside right, step left to side, & touch right beside left. chair: step right forward, rock back on left, rock back on right, rock forward on left. (12.00)

Tag and Restart during wall 6; Dance to count 56*** add a rocking chair, and Restart facing 3.00
ENDING: Facing 6.00: dance to count 12 then…. Pivot ½ turn left to face front.
Jennie Berry ‘On Line’ Boot scooter’s - 0428 218 233


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