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Against All Odds Kizomba
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Judy Rodgers - June 2019
Against All Odds by Marios
#8 count intro - 2 Restarts

S1: Side rock recover, side rock recover, fwd step together, fwd step together
1-2&Step R big step right, rock L behind R, recover R
3-4&Step L big step left, rock R behind L, recover L
5-6&Step R fwd, step L beside R, step R in place
7-8&Step L fwd, step R beside L, step L in place

S2: Step side rock, cross turn 1/4 L back back, rock back recover back, sweep/step sweep/step step
1-2&Step R fwd, rock L to left side, recover
3-4&Cross L over R, turn 1/4 left step R back, step L back 9:00
5-6&Rock R back, recover L, step R back
7-8&Sweep L front to back step L down, sweep R from front to back step R down, step L beside R

S3: Side cross rock, sway sway sway, cross side back, back side fwd (turning 1/2)
1-2&Step R to right side, cross L over R, recover R
3-4&Sway L, sway R, sway L
5-6&Cross R over L turn 1/8 right step L back/side, turn 1/8 right step R back 12:00
7-8&Turn 1/8 step L back, turn 1/8 right step R to right side, step L fwd 3:00
***** Wall 3 starts 12:00 - restart here (turn 1/4 R to face 6:00 to start dance with right foot)

S4: Side behind side, sync rocking chair, cross side rock, cross side rock
1-2&Step R to right side, step L behind R, step R to right
3&4&Rock L fwd, recover R, rock L back, recover R (to right diagonal)
5-6&Cross L over R, rock R to right side, recover L (moving fwd)
7-8&Cross R over L, rock L to left side, recover R (moving fwd)

S5: Step turn 1/2 L back sweep, sailor step, step turn/roll 1/4 L, step turn/roll 1/4 L
1-2&Step L fwd, turn 1/2 left step R back, sweep L from front to back 9:00
3-4&Step L behind R, step R to right side, step L to left side
5-6Step R fwd, turn 1/4 left (rolling hips counter clockwise) step L fwd 6:00
***** Wall 2 starts 6:00 - restart here facing 12:00
7-8Step R fwd, turn 1/4 left (rolling hips counter clockwise) step L fwd 3:00

S6: Step turn 1/2 R back back, back turn 1/2 R fwd fwd, side behind turn 1/4 R, step rock recover
1-2&Step R fwd, turn 1/2 right step L back, step R back 9:00
3-4&Step L back, turn 1/2 right step R fwd, step L fwd 3:00
5-6&Step R to right side, step L behind R, turn 1/4 right step R fwd 6:00
7-8&Step L fwd, rock R fwd, recover L
**2 Restarts:
Wall 2 starts facing 6:00 - dance 38 counts and restart dance facing 12:00
Wall 3 starts facing 12:00 - dance 24 counts, turn 1/4 turn right to restart dance facing 6:00

Ending: Dance ends on wall 5 after 24 counts.....step R fwd, turn 1/4 left to face front

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