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Ai Qing Zhu Yan
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High Beginner
Mayee Lee, Malaysia (December 2017)
Ai Qing Zhu Yan爱情主演(Edited Version) by Jessica Ho(CD 3:45)
Intro : Start after 32 counts or start at start at 0.16 seconds

Section 1 : Touch R Forward & Bump Hip x4, R Behind, L Side, R Cross Shuffle
1 – 4Touch R slightly forward bump R hip up(1), bump R hip down(2), bump R hip up(3),bump R hip down(4)
56 7&8Step R behind L(5), step L to L(6), cross R over L(7), step L to L(&), cross R over L(8) 12.00

Section 2 : Touch L Forward & Bump Hip x4, L Behind, R Side, L Cross Shuffle
1 – 4Touch L slightly forward bump L hip up(1), bump L hip down(2), bump L hip up(3), bump L hip down(4)
56 7&8Step L behind R(5), step R to R(6), cross L over R(7), step R to R(&), cross L over R(8) 12.00

Section 3 : R Side, Together, R Side Shuffle, Cross L, Recover R, L Side Shuffle
12 3&4Step R to R(1), step L beside R(2), step R to R(3), step L beside R(&), step R to R(4)
56 7&8Cross L over R(5), recover on R(6), step L to L(7), step R beside L(&), step L to L(8) 12.00

Section 4 : R Cross, L Side, Behind Side Cross, L Side, Recover R, Cross L Shuffle
12 3&4Cross R over L(1), step L to L(2), step R behind(3), step L to L(&), cross R over L(4)
56 7&8Step L to L(5), recover on R(6), cross L over R(7), step R to R(&), cross L over R(8) 12.00

Section 5 : ¼ Turn L, ¼ Turn L, R Out, L Out, R In, L In, Chest Roll x2
1 – 4¼ turn L step R back(1)(9.00), ¼ turn L step L to L(2)(6.00), step R out(3), step L out(4) 6.00
5 – 8Step R back(5), step L beside R(6), hold(7-8) with chest roll twice 6.00

Section 6 : Stomp R, Touch L, Stomp L, Touch R, R Kick Ball Touch, L Kick Ball Touch
1 – 4Stomp R on place(1), touch L to L(2), stomp L beside R(3), touch R to R(4)
5&6Kick R forward(5), step R down(&), touch L to L(6)
7&8Kick L forward(7), step L down(&), touch R to R(8) 6.00

Section 7 : R Forward, Touch L, L Back, Touch R (x2)
1 – 4Step R forward(1), touch L beside R(2), step L back(3), touch R beside L(4)
5 – 8Repeat 1 – 4 (Section 7) 6.00

Section 8 : R Forward, Recover L, R Coaster Step, L Jazz Box With Touch
12 3&4Step R forward(1), recover on L(2), step R back(3), step L beside R(&), step R forward(4)
5 – 8Cross L over R(5), step R back(6), step L to L(7), touch R beside L(8) 6.00

Tag (4 Counts) : End of wall 2 (12.00), wall 4(12.00) & wall 5(6.00), do 4 counts Tag
1 – 4Touch R To Diagonal R & hold 4 counts

Ending : During wall 6 (12.00), dance 32 counts, end up with 4 counts Tag
Hand movement : Please refer to our demo and tutorial videos on youtube site

Contact : mayeeleeyy@gmail.com

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