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Ai shen de jian (爱神的箭)

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Absolute Beginner
Katherine Lee (SG) - May 2020
爱神的箭 by Sharon Au
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Intro : 4x8

* for our stay home friends with space constraint at home.*
Starts with our Left Foot. No tag No Restarts

S1: Side rock, behind, side, cross, side chasse, rock back
123&4LF side rock, RF recover, LF cross behind RF, RF side, LF cross,
5&678RF side, LF together, RF side, LF rock back, RF recover.
S2: Rocking chair, side chasse, rock back
1234LF rock forward, RF recover, LF rock back, RF recover,
5&678LF side, RF together, LF side, RF rock back, LF recover.
S3: (Cross, point) x2, rock forward, coaster step
1234RF cross, LF point to the side, LF cross, RF point to the side,
567&8RF rock forward, LF recover, RF step back, LF close, RF forward.
S4: Rolling vines (L/R) or non-turning vines
1234LF forward make ¼ L-turn(9:00), RF back make ½ L-turn(3:00), LF side make ¼ Lturn(12:00), RF touch next to LF,
5678RF forward make ¼R-turn(3:00), LF back make ½ R-turn(9:00), RF side make ¼ R turn(12:00), LF touch next to RF.
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