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Aim For My Heart

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Tara Busbridge (UK) - July 2011
Start on “stars” (15 secs)

[1-8] Right Side Rock, Right Sailor Step, Left Rock, Triple Full Turn
1-2Right side rock, recover on left
3&4Step right behind left, step left to side and right to side
5-6Rock forward on left, recover on right
7&8Triple full turn on the spot, stepping L-R-L (Coaster for easier option).

[9-16] Side Hold, Side Touch, Rolling Full Turn, ¼ Shuffle
1-2Step right to side, hold,
&3-4Left ball to right, step right side and touch left to right
5-6½ turn left x 2 (Step left to side, step right behind for easier option)
7&8Turn ¼ left shuffle, stepping left, right, left (09:00)

[17-24] ¼ Jazz Box Turn, Mambo, Sweep Back x 2
1-2Right across left, step back on left
3-4¼ turn right on right, step forward left (12:00)
5&6Rock forward right, recover left, step slightly back on right
7-8Sweep left behind right, sweep right behind left

[25- 32] Left Coaster Step, Right Kick Ball Change, ¼ Rock, Left Cross Shuffle
1&2Step back left. Step right to left, step left forward
3&4Right kick forward, step on ball of right, step forward left
&5-6Step on Ball of right turn ¼ , rock left to side, recover on right (03:00)
7&8Left cross shuffle, stepping left, right left

[33-40] Rock ¼, Point and Point, Right Rock Forward, Back Right Lock Step
1-2Rock side on right, recover on left
&3&4¼ turn on ball of right, point left to left side, cross left over right and point right to right side (12:00)
5-6Rock forward on right, recover on left
7&8Step back on right. Lock left infront of right and step back on right

[41-48] Point Back Unwind ½, Pivot 1/2 , Right Kick Ball Point, Side Rock
1-2Point left back turn ½ on ball of left (06:00)
3-4Step forward on right and turn ½ on left (12:00)
5&6Kick right forward, step on right and point left to left side
&7-8Step ball of left to right, rock side on right and recover on left

[49-56] Right Sailor, Left Sailor ¼, Right Forward Shuffle, ¼ Turn
1&2Step right behind left, step left to side and right to side
3&4Step back ¼ on left, step right to side and left to side (09:00)
5&6Forward right shuffle, stepping right, left, right
7-8Step ¼ turn on left and recover on right (06:00)

[57-64] Cross Shuffle, Side Rock Behind, Side Rock Behind
1&2Cross left shuffle, stepping left, right, left
3-4Rock right to side, recover on left
5-6Step right behind left, left side rock
7-8Recover on right, step left behind right (*)

Start again and Enjoy

* Tag and Restart: End of wall 5 – Right side rock and recover on left, Rock Right behind left and recover on left. RESTART


Flick July 29, 2011
Love this dance. Great music clever steps. One to learn for sure.

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