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Ain't Always Easy

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Low Intermediate
Manuela Gustavsson (SWE) - June 2021
Girls Like Me (From Songland) - Martina McBride : (Album: Songland)
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Intro 3 counts
Notes: 4 Restarts: walls 1, 2, 3 and 7 with a little step change

Section 1 (1-8): Vaudeville step, extended shuffle turn, coaster step fwd
1 & 2 &Cross RF over LF, step back on LF, present right heel fwd, step RF in place
3 & 4 &Cross LF over RF, step back on RF, present left heel fwd, step LF in place
5 & 6 &Step fwd on RF turning ¼ R, close LF besides RF (3:00), step fwd on RF turning ¼ R, step LF besides RF (6:00)
7 & 8Step RF fwd, step LF next to RF, step RF back
Restart during wall 7 after 8 cts. with ball change: dance up to and include count 8 of section one. Add stepping LF next to RF on count & and restart the dance facing 12:00

Section 2 (9-16): Rock step, walk fwd, full turn, rocking chair
1 2 3Rock back on LF, recover on RF, step fwd on LF
4 & 5Step back on RF turning ½ L (12:00), step fwd on LF turning ½ L (6:00), rock RF fwd
6 7 8Replace weight on LF, rock back on RF, replace weight on LF
Restart during wall 1 after 16 counts facing 6:00
Section 3 (17-24) Touch step R L R, step fwd, touch step L R L, step back
1 & 2 &Step RF to R side, touch LF next to RF, step LF to L side, touch RF next to LF
3 & 4Step RF to R side, step LF next to RF, step fwd on RF
5 & 6 &Step LF to L side, touch RF next to LF, step RF to R side, touch LF next to RF
7 & 8Step LF to L side, step RF next to LF, step back on LF
Restart during wall 2 after 24 counts facing 12:00

Section 4 (25-32): Lock step back, sailor step turning ½, heel switches, ½ Monterey turn
1 & 2Step back on RF, cross LF over RF, step back on RF
3 & 4Cross LF behind RF making ½ turn L, step RF beside LF, step LF in place (12:00)
Restart during wall 3 after 28 counts facing 12:00
5 & 6 &Tap R heel fwd, step RF beside LF, tap L heel fwd, step LF beside RF
7 & 8 &Touch R toe to R side, make ½ turn R by bringing RF back to place and stepping onto it, touch L toe out to L side, step LF next to R
Start again! Have fun!


Last Update - 23 June 2021


Noviati June 23, 2021
Done Vote
Love This Choreo & Song

ManuG June 23, 2021
Thank you Novi❤

Renny Eka June 29, 2021
Done vote. Thanks Manuela for Beuatiful choreoand nice music . Love it💖

ManuG June 29, 2021
Thank you so much Renny ❤

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