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Ain't Broken

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Gudrun Schneider (DE) & Martina Ecke - May 2015
My Heart Ain't That Broken - Leslie Clio
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The dance startS with the word “sorry”.

S1: Side-touch, side-touch, point-touch, side-touch
1-2step right to the right side – touch left beside right (12.00)
3-4step left to the left side – touch right beside left
5-6point right toe to the right – touch right beside left
7-8step right to the right side – touch left beside right

S2: Heel-Hook-Heel-Flick back, step-close, heels swivel
1-2touch left heel diagonally left – hook left over right
3-4touch left heel diagonally left – flick left backwards
5-6step left forward – step right beside left
7-8turn both heels to right – turn both heels to center

S3: Heel-Hook-Heel-Flick back, step-lock-step, hold
1-2touch right heel diagonally right – hook right over left
3-4touch right heel diagonally right – flick right backwards
5-6step right forward – cross left behind right
7-8step right forward - hold

S4: Step forward l, ½ turn r, step forward, hold, side-behind-side-cross
1-2step left forward – ½ turn on both balls clockwise (6:00)
3-4step left forward - hold
5-6step right to the right – cross left behind right
7-8step right to the right – cross left over right
Restart: on wall 3, facing 6 o’clock & on wall 6, facing 12 o’clock

S5: Toe-Heel-Toe-Kick, behind-side-cross, hold
1-2touch right toe beside left – touch right heel diagonally forward
3-4touch right toe beside left – kick right diagonally forward
5-6cross right behind left – step left to the left side
7-8cross right over left - hold

S6: Side-together, ¼ turn-step forward, hold, rocking chair
1-2step left to the left side – step right beside left
3-4¼ turn left while left step forward - hold (3:00)
5-6step right forward – weight back on left
7-8step right back – weight back on left

S7: Step-Hook back, back-kick, back-kick, back-close
1-2step right forward – hook left behind right
3-4step back left – kick right forward
5-6step right back – kick left forward
7-8step left back – step right beside left

S8: Toe strut l, toe strut r, step- ¼ turn r, cross- hold
1-2touch left toe forward – drop left heel
3-4touch right toe forward – drop right heel
5-6step left forward – ¼ turn right (6:00)
7-8cross left over right - hold

on wall 3 after 32 count facing 6 o’clock
on wall 6 after 32 count facing 12 o’clock

Have fun!

Last Update – 5th May 2015


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