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Ain't Got No Money

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Intermediate level
Neville Fitzgerald (UK) & Julie Harris (UK) - August 2007
The Way I Are by Timbaland (Remix) (feat. Francisco & Keri Hilson) - Timbaland : (CD Single or Album Shocked)
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Start?. Remix after 64 Counts.. Radio Edit after 32 Counts (Vocal)  
Step, Right Lock Step, Rock & Cross, Back, Back Cross. 
1 Step forward on Left. 
2&3 Step forward on Right, lock Left behind Right, step forward on Right. 
4&5 Rock to Left side on Left, recover on Right, cross step left over Right. 
6-7 Step back on Right, step back on Left. (Body on diagonal, head facing 12.00) 
8 Cross lock Right over Left. (Head still facing 12.00)  
3/8 Turn, Step 1/2 Step, Left Lock Step, Kick Out Out, Squat. 
1 Making just over 1/4 turn to Left step forward on Left. (7.30)  
2&3 Step forward on Right, pivot 1/2 turn to Left, step forward on Right. (1.30)  
4&5 Step forward on Left, lock Right behind Left, step forward on Left. 
6&7 Kick Right foot forward, step Right to Right side & slightly back, step Left to Left side & slightly back. 
8 Squat bending both knees, arms straight down between legs. 
Shoulder Pops Rising Up, Rock & Side, Sailor 3/8 Turn, Coaster Step. 
1 Leaning slightly to Left push Left shoulder out to Left side & slightly up. 
2&3 Push Right shoulder out to Right side, Left shoulder to Left side, Right shoulder to Right side. (Over Counts 1-3 rise back up from squat) 
4&5 Cross rock Left behind Right, recover on Right, step Left to Left side. (1.30)  
6&7 Cross step Right behind Left, making 3/8 turn to Left step forward on Left, step Right to Right side. (9.00) 
8&1 Step back on Left, step Right next to Left, step forward on Left. 
Pivot 1/2, 1/2 Turn, Sailor 1/2 Turn, Step, Hold, Pivot 1/2. 
2-3 Pivot 1/2 turn to Right, 1/2 turn to Right stepping back on Left. (9.00)  
4&5 Cross step Right behind Left making 1/4 turn to Right, step Left next to Right making 1/4 turn to Right, step forward on Right. (3.00) 
6-7 Step forward on Left, Hold. 
8 Pivot 1/2 turn to Right. (9.00)


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