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Ain't It The Truth

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intermediate/advanced cha cha
Heather Gargiulo (NZ)
Moment of Truth - Suzy Bogguss
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1-2Step forward right, pivot ½ left
3&4Shuffle forward right left right
5-6&Rock left to left side, recover onto right in place, step left beside right
7-8Cross right over left, turn ¼ right then step left back (9:00)
9-10Turn ¼ right then step right to right side, hold
&11&12Step left beside right, shuffle forward right left right
13-14Turn ¼ left then step forward left, turn ½ left then step right back
15-16&Large step left to left side, hold, step right beside left (3:00)
17-19Step left to left side, cross rock right behind left, recover onto left in place
20-21Turn ¼ left then step back right, step back left
22Turn ¼ right then step right to right side
23-24&Step left beside right, hold, turn ¼ right then step forward right (6:00)
25-26Step forward left, ½ pivot right
27&28Shuffle forward left right left
29-30Step forward right on right 45', step forward left on left 45' (skate, skate)
31&32Shuffle forward right left right (12:00)
&33&34Turn ½ left on ball of right foot hitching left knee slightly, shuffle forward left right left
35-36Walk forward right left (option: forward rolling full turn left stepping right left)
37&38Rock step right forward, rock back onto left in place, step forward onto right in place
39-40Step left forward, turn ¼ right taking weight onto right (9:00)
41-42Cross left in front of right, hold
43&44Rock step right back, rock forward onto left in place, step forward right
45-46&Step left forward, turn a full turn right on ball of left, step right beside left
47&48Shuffle forward left right left (9:00)
49-50Step forward right, ½ turn left taking weight onto left
51&52Turn ½ left then shuffle back right left right
53-54Step back left, ½ turn right on ball of left (ending with right toe beside left instep)
Restart goes here on wall 2
55&56Shuffle forward right left right (3:00)
57-58Step left to left side, step right beside left
59&60Step left to left side, step right beside left, turn ¼ right then step left back
61-62Rock back right, recover forward onto left
63-64Step forward right, turn ¾ left on ball of right then step forward left (9:00)


On the 2nd wall dance to count 54, then walk forward right-left on the words "is a" and restart the dance facing the front wall.


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