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Ain't Leavin' Without You

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Phrased High Intermediate - Non-Country WCS
Linda McCormack (UK) - August 2013
'Ain't Leavin Without You' by Jaheim (iTunes)
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Count in: 16 count intro.
Dance order: A, A, B, A, A, B, B, A to finish
Part A will always finish on the next wall in the 4 wall sequence.
Part B is 1 wall and will always finish on the same wall it begun.

Part A - 32 counts
[&1 - 8] R Knee pop out- in, L together, R Cross, ¼, together, walk L-R, L sugar push forward.
&1, 2Twist R knee out to right side (&); twist R knee back in with weight remaining on RF (1); Step LF together next to RF (you will be slightly angled into L front diagonal);
3& 4Cross RF over LF (3); ¼ turn R stepping back on the LF (to face 3 o’clock) (&); Step RF next to LF (4);
5, 6Walk forward on the LF (5); Walk forward on the RF (6);
7& 8Step LF in and behind RF taking the weight (7); replace weight back forward onto RF (&); then back again onto LF (8);

[&9 – 16] Steps out R-L, R together, L cross, hold and cross. R Behind, ¼ stepping forward on L, ¼ bumps and sit.
&1 &2Step RF out the R side (&); quickly following the LF stepping out to L side (feet should be shoulder width apart) (1); Step the RF together next to LF (&); quickly following the LF crossing over the RF (2);
3 &4Hold (3); Step RF to R side (&); quickly following the LF crossing over the RF (weight should be on LF) (4);
5, 6Step RF in place (which should be crossed behind LF) (5); ¼ turn L stepping forward on LF (to face 12’ o clock) (6);
7& 8Turn another ¼ L (to face 9 o’clock) Lift RF bumping hips right and up (7); step RF to R side bringing hips back centre (&); Sit down and right into the R Hip (8);

[17 – 24] Bump hips L-R-L-R, R forward, L together, swivel ½ turn L (on bent knees), diagonal drag steps back x2, R coaster step.
1& 2&Bump hips L-R-L-R (weight even to finish) (1& 2&);
3& 4¼ turn stepping forward on the RF (to face 6 o’clock) (3); step LF together with RF (&); swivel ½ turn over L shoulder on both feet, with bent knee’s so to dip the body slightly (4);
&5 &6Straight the knees whilst bringing ball of the RF together with LF (&); Step RF diagonally back to R (5); LF follows to meet (&); Step LF diagonally back to L (6); RF follows to meet (&);
7& 8RF steps back (7); LF steps together next to RF (&); RF steps forward (8);

[25 – 32] Syncopated rock steps L then R, R cross behind, ¼ forward on L, full 2 turn step to the L (finishing forward on LF)
1, 2Rock LF to L side (1); recover weight back to RF (2);
&3, 4Quickly step LF beside RF (&); rock RF out to R side (3); recover weight back onto LF (4);
5, 6Cross RF behind LF (5); ¼ turn L stepping forward on the LF (6);
7, 8Full two turn stepping back on the RF ½ turn over the L shoulder (to face 3 o’clock) (7); continue another ½ turn over the L shoulder stepping forward on the LF (to face 9 o’clock, ready to start next wall) (8);

Part B - 16 counts
[1 - 8] Walks R-L, R heel, toe, R heel swivel, R step back, L behind and cross, unwind.
1, 2Walk forward R-L (1, 2);
&3 &4Swivel the R heel in (&); Swivel the R toe in (feet should be positioned together) (3); on the ball of the foot swivel the R heel out to the R side (&); recover RF back in place (4);
&5prep- bending the knees slightly (&); Step back on the RF dragging the LF behind (5);
6&7, 8Cross LF behind the RF (6); Step RF to R side (&); Cross LF over the RF (7); unwind ½ turn over the R shoulder (weight even) (8);

[9 – 16] R cross, L rock-recover, L cross, R rock- recover. R forward mambo, L touch back, half turn.
1, 2&Cross RF over LF (1); rock LF out to L side (2); recover weight back onto RF (&);
3, 4&Cross LF over RF (3); rock RF out to R side (4); recover weight back onto LF (&);
5&6Rock forward on RF (5); recover weight back onto LF (&); bring RF back together to meet LF (6);
7, 8Touch L foot back (7); ½ turn over the L shoulder (taking weight forward onto the LF) (8) back to face original starting wall and ready to start part A again on &1


Last Revision - 17th Oct 2013


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