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Ain't Nobody

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Phrased Intermediate
Rebecca Lee (MY) & Tomohiro Iizuka (JP) - September 2015
Ain't Nobody(Loves Me Better) ft.Jasmine Thompson BY Felix Jaehn
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Intro: 16 counts - Phrasing Sequence : ABB ABB tag ABB

Part A : 48 counts
A[1-8 ]Walk RL,R Ball Cross L,Step R forward,1/4 R turn Scissors L,1/2 L turn, Cross Rock R
1,2Walk R, Walk L
&3,4Step R forward, 1/4 L Turn Cross L, 1/4 R Turn Step R forward(12:00)
5&6Turning 1/4 R Side Step L, Close R, Cross L forward(3:00)
7&8Turning 1/4 L Back Step R, Turning 1/4 L Side Step L, Cross Rock R forward(9:00)

A[9-17]Recover L Sweep R,R Coster Step, Sweep L, Sweep R,Step R, L Kick Ball Back, 1/2 L Turn Triple Steps
1,2&3Recover L Sweep R to Back, Step R Back, Close L, Step R Forward Sweep L
4,5Step L forward Sweep R, Step R Forward
6&7Kick L,Step L beside right, Step R Back
8&1Turning 1/4 L Side Step L, Close R, Turning 1/4 L Step L forward(3:00)

A[18-24]Shuffle R Diagonally,1/4 R turn Side L Flick R, Point R, 1/2 R Montrey Turn,Touch R forward, Touch L Forward
2&3Step R diagonally R forward, Lock Step L behind right, Step R diagonally right forward
4Turning 1/4 R Side Step L Flick R behind left(6:00)
5,6&Side Point R, Turning 1/2 R Close R, Ball Change L (12:00)
7&8&,Touch R forward, Step R beside left, Touch L forward, Step L beside right

A[25-32]Cross R,Diagonal Back L, R Ball Cross L, Diagonal Back R, L Ball Step R forward, Hold,Swivel RLLR
1,2&3Cross R forward, Step L diagonally L Back, Step R diagonally R Back, Cross L forward
4&5,6Step R diagonally R Back, Step L diagonally L Back, Step R forward, Hold
&7&8Swivel R heel forward, Swivel L heel Forward(Look back wall) ,Swivel L Heel Back, Swivel R heel forward(Look front wall)

A[33-40] Side R ,1/4 TURN L X 2, 1/2 Turn L ,Touch R , Side Touch R , R Sailor Step
1Side Step R
2,3,4Side Step R,Turning 1/4 L Side Step L, Turning 1/4 L Side Step R, Turning 1/2 L Step L diagonally L forward(12:00)
5,6Touch R forward, Side Touch R,
7&8Step R behind left, Side Step L, Step R diagonally R

A[41-48]Lock L Behind R Unwind L Full Turn, Side R, Side L, Sway RLRL
1,2Lock L behind right Unwind L Full Turn, Step L(12:00)
3,4Side Step R, Side Step L(Feet apart)
5,6,7,8Sway R, Sway L, Sway R, Sway L

Part B : 32 counts
B[1-8 ]Big Side Step R , Close L, Body Roll, Side Points RL ,Body Roll L, Close R, Side L
1.2 Big Side Step R, Close L
3,4Body Roll from Chest to Knee
5&6Side Point R, Close R, Side Point L
7&8Body Roll L Step L, Close R, Side Step L

B[9-16] Kick R ball Touch L Back, Kick L ball Touch R Back, Kick R ball Back Step L, Drug R, Side RL
1&2Kick R, Step R beside left, Touch L back
3&4Kick L, Step L beside right, Touch R back
5&6Kick R, Step R beside left, Step L Back
7&8Drag R, Side Step R, Side Step L (Feet apart)

B[17-24] Twist L Upper Body, 1/4 R turn Small Jump, Knee Up, Heels Down, 1/4 L turn Knee Roll, Feet Apart
1,2Prepare Upper body Twist, Twist 1/2 L Upper body Look back wall
3,4Turning 1/4 R turn Step R forward Small Jump Flick L , Step L forward (3:00)
5,6,Step R forward Knees up both feet, Heels down Toes up both feet
7,8Turning 1/4 L turn Knee Roll, Heels down (12:00)

B[25-32]Rock R Forward, Recover L Sweep R, R Coaster Step, 1/2 Pivot LRL, Clap X 2
1.2 Rock R forward, Recover L Sweep R
3&4Step R back, Close L, Step R forward
5,6,7Turning 1/2 L Pivot, Turning 1/2 R Pivot, Turning 1/2 L Pivot (Weight on L)(6:00)
&8Clap X 2

Tag : 4 counts
[1-4]Body Swing
1-4Feet Apart Body Swing (from R to L) Making a circle

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Rebecca Lee:
Tomohiro Iizuka:


Metaltigger October 17, 2015
Great fusion of dance styles. Excellent music and a unique demo video.

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