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Ali Tarzan
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Phrased Beginner
Mayee Lee, Malaysia (August 2018)
Ge Bi Tai Shan隔壁泰山by Ah Li Lang 阿里郎 (CD3:20)
Intro: Start after 4 counts from heavy beat or start at 0.10 seconds
Sequence of dance : ABC BC Tag CA

Part A (32 counts)
Section 1 : Jump To R & Bounce, Jump To L & Bounce, Touch R Forward, Twist R Heelx4
1&2Step R to R(1), step L on ball beside R(&), step R on ball beside L(2)
3&4Step L to L(3), step R on ball beside L(&), step L on ball beside R(4)
5&6&7&8Touch R forward & twist R heel out(5), R heel in(&), R heel out(6), R heel in(&), R heel out(7), R heel in(&), R heel out(8)

Section 2 : R Forward, L Jazz Box, Bump Hip To LRLRLRL(Tarzan Pose)
1 – 4Step R forward(1), cross L over R(2), step R back(3), step L to L(4)
5&6&7&8Bump hip to LRLRLRL(Hold L hand to L, R hand cross L hand Up & Down x2)

Section 3 : Repeat Section 1 (Part A)

Section 4 : Repeat Section 2 (Part A)

Part B (64 counts)
Section 1 : R & L Toe Strut Forward, R Lunge Forward, L Forward, R Forward, Swivel To R, Centre
1 – 4Touch R forward(1), step R down(2), touch L forward(3), step L down(4)
56 7&8Lunge R forward(5), step L forward(6), step R forward(7), twist both heels to R(&), twist both heels back to center(8)

Section 2 : R & L Toe Strut Backward, R Out, L Out, R Heel Twist In Out, L Heel Twist In Out
1 – 4Touch R back(1), step R down(2), touch L back(3), step L down(4)
5 – 6Step R to R(5), step L to L(6)
&7&8Twist R heel in(&), twist R heel back to center(7), twist L heel in(&), twist L heel back to center(8)

Section 3 : ¼ Turn R Walk RLR, 1/8 Turn L Kick L, 1/8 L Walk Forward LRL, 1/8 Turn R Kick R
1 – 4¼ turn R walk forward RLR(1-3)(3.00), 1/8 turn L kick L(4)(10.30)
5 – 81/8 turn L walk forward LRL(5-7)(9.00), 1/8 turn R kick R to diagonal R(8)(1.30)

Section 4 : LOVE SHAPE Pose To R&L, Chest Bump R Twist, Chest Bump L Twice
1 – 4Step R beside L(1), hold(2-4)(Do Heart Shape above head To R & L)
5 – 8Hold x4 & chest bump with x4(5-8)

Section 5 : Cross Touch R, Touch R To R, R Cuban Break, Cross Touch L, Touch L To L, L Cuban Break
12 3&4Cross touch R over L(1), touch R to R(2), cross R over L(3), recover on L(&), step R to R(4)
56 7&8Cross touch L over R(5), touch L to L(6), cross L over R(&7), recover on R(&), step L to L(8)

Section 6 : R Jazz Box With Hoop, L Jazz Box With Hoop
1 – 4Cross R over(1), step L back(2), step R to R(3), hoop & clap(4)
5 – 8Mirror step for 1-4

Section 7 : Jump Feet Apart & Move Forward x4, Jump Backward x4
1 – 4Jump both feet apart & move forward x4(1-4)(Superman pose – Raise L hand up)
5 – 8Jump both feet backward x4(5-8)(Spider pose - R hand palm in front)

Section 8 : R Side, L Touch Back, L Side, R Touch Back, Full Turn R
1 – 4Step R to R(1), touch L behind R(2), step L to L(3), touch R behind L(4)
5 – 8Full turn R walk start RLR(5-7)(12.00), hoop both feet together & clap(8)(12.00)

Part C (48 counts)
Section 1 : Step On Ball RLR, Touch L, Step On Ball LRL, Touch R
1 – 4Step R on ball(1), step L on ball(2), step R on ball(3), touch L to L(4)
5 – 8Step L on ball(5), step R on ball(6), step L on ball(7), touch R to R(8)

Section 2 : Body Roll To R & Shake, Body Roll To L & Shake
1 – 8Body roll to R(1-2), shake both arms(3-4), body roll to L(5-6), shake both arms(7), transfer weight to R foot(8)

Section 3 : 1/8 Turn L Walk LRL, 1/8 Turn R Hoop, 1/8 Turn R Walk RLR, 1/8 Turn L Hoop
1 – 41/8 turn L walk forward LRL(1-3)(10.30), 1/8 turn R & hoop(12.00)
5 – 81/8 turn R Walk forward RLR(5-7)(1.30), 1/8 turn L & hoop(12.00)

Section 4 : Body Roll To R & Shake, Body Roll To L & Hip Bump Twixe
1 – 8Body roll to R(1-2), shake both arms(3-4), body roll to L(5-6), weight on L & bump hip twice(7-8)

Section 5 : Sway RLRL, Chest Pop RLRL
1 - 8Sway To RLRL(1-4)(Viper style), chest bump to RLRL(5-8)

Section 6 : Hip Bump Clockwise Start From L, Hip Bump LRLRLRL(Tarzan Pose)
1 – 4Push hip to L(1), push hip forward(2), push hip to R(3), push hip back(4)
5&6&7&8Bump hip to LRLRLRL(Hold L elbow hand to Lx4, R hand cross L hand Up & Down x2)

Tag (32 counts)
Section 1 : Cross R Toe Strut, L Side Toe Strut, Hip Bump LRLR(John Travolta Pose)
1 – 4Cross R over L(1), step R down(2), Touch L to L(3), step L down(4)
5 – 8Hip bump to LRLR(5-8)

Section 2 : Mirror Steps for Section 1 (Tag)

Section 3 : Camel Walk To Diagonal R, Moon Walk Backward
1&2&3&41/8 Turn L step on R hitch L(1)(10.30), step L on ball(&), step on R hitch L(2), step L on ball(&), step on R hitch L(3), step L on ball(&), step on R hitch L(4)(10.30)
5 – 8Step L back(5), step R back(6), step L back(7), 1/8 turn R step R to R(8)(12.00)

Section 4 : Camel Walk To Diagonal L, Moon Walk Backward
1&2&3&41/8 turn R step on L hitch R(1), step R on ball(&), step on L hitch R(2), step R on ball(&), step on L hitch R(3), step R on ball(&), step on L hitch R(4)(1.30)
5 – 8Step R back(5), step L back(6), step R back(7), 1/8 turn L step L beside R(8)(12.00)

Contact : mayeeleeyy@gmail.com
Last Update – 6th Oct. 2018

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