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All About Twistin'

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Beginner (Swing style)
Jim Collins (USA) - July 2020
Let's Twist Again - Chubby Checker : (re-recorded 2008 - start with lyrics)
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Music: (any of these will work)
Slow Twistin’ by Chubby Checker and Dee Dee Sharp (original recordings, best of 1959-1963 (start on vocals OR start on Chubby’s second set of vocals with the lyric: “ooh baby” at 8 seconds in)

Twist and Shout, by the Isley Brothers (2009) Start with vocals, “shake it up baby” at seven seconds in)

Twistin’ the Night Away by Sam Cooke from “The Man Who Invented Soul” Start with vocals, “Let me tell you about a place, “ at six seconds in.

Start with weight on the left. Rotation is clockwise.

SECTION 1: Toe, heel, replace, hold (x 2)*
1-4(R) Toe, heel, replace, hold
5-8(L) Toe, heel, replace, hold

*do with swivels
SECTION 2: Swivel walks*
9-12Swivel walks, R, L, R, hold
13-16Swivel walks, L, R, L, hold
*Styling: bend at knees a little, swing your arms and twist at trunk

SECTION 3: Back lock steps (x2)
17-20step back on right, lock w/ left, step back on right, brush back with left
21-24step back on left, lock with right, step back on left, brush back with right

SECTION 4: Back coaster ¼ (R) , side, together, side (with swivels), touch
25-28step back on right, step left next to right, step right forward (turning ¼ right), hold
29-32Step left to left (w/ swivel), right next to left (w/ swivel), left to left (w/ swivel), right touch next to left

Repeat. Have fun.

This dance routine was choreographed for my beginner-level “OLDIES” class at the Portsmouth
Ballroom Dance Studio.



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