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All I Wanna Do

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Easy Intermediate
Guillaume Richard (FR), Jo Kinser (UK), Roy Verdonk (NL) & Max Perry (USA) - March 2017
All I Wanna Do - Martin Jensen : (3:14)
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Start (32 counts in).

[1-8] Walk R-L, R Rock And Cross, 1/4 Turn R - Walk Back L-R, Coaster 1/4 Turn R
1,2Walk forward R, L
3&4Rock R to Right, Recover L, Cross R over Left
5,6Make 1/4 turn R stepping back L, Step R back
7&8Step L back, Make 1/4 Right stepping R next to Left, Step L forward (6:00)

[9-16] Step Fwd R, Step Together with 1/2 Turn L, R Kick And Step, Hips Down Up Down, 1/4 Turn R, Ball Cross
1,2Step R forward, Make 1/2 turn L stepping L next to Right (12:00)
3&4Kick R low forward, Step R slightly Back, Step L slightly forward (Ext 3rd)
5,6,7Bump your R Hip back and Sit, Come back up to Centre, Bump your R Hip back
&8Step L next to Right, Make 1/4 turn Right crossing R over Left (3:00)

[17-24] L Toe Strut, R Cross Toe Strut, Back – Side, L Crossing Shuffle
1,2Tap L Toe to Left, Step down on L
3,4Tap R Toe over Left, Step down on R
5,6Step L back, Step R to Right
7&8Cross L over Right, Step R to Right, Cross L over Right

[25-32] R Side Rock, Sailor 1/2 Turn R, Step 1/2 Turn R, Together - Slap - Click
1,2Rock R to Right, Recover Left
3&4Make a 1/2 turn R stepping R behind Left, Step L in place, Step R slightly forward (9:00)
5,6Step L forward, Make a 1/2 turn R (weight R) (3:00)
7&8Step L next to Right, Slap both Thighs, Raise both Arms Up and Click Fingers

Be guided by the music and enjoy!!!!


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