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(All I Want To Do Is) WALTZ WITH YOU

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Intermediate - waltz
Jan Wyllie (AUS) - November 2015
I Don't Want To Say Goodbye - Teddy Thompson
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#24 count intro -

Step Back Rock Back Fwd, Waltz Fwd, Waltz Back 1/2, Waltz Fwd
1,2,3back on R, Rock/step back on L, Rock fwd on R
4,5,6fwd L,R,L
7,8,9back R,L,R making 1/2 turn left
10,11,12fwd L,R,L

Step Back RockBack Fwd - Step Fwd Step Pivot ¼ - Cross Waltz turning to diagonal - Step Shuffle Fwd
13,14,15Step back on R, Rock/step back on L, Rock fwd on R
16,17,18Step fwd on L, Step fwd on R, Pivot 1/4 left transferring wt to L
18,19,20Step R across L, Step L beside R, As you step R beside L turn to right diagonal
21,22&23Step L fwd towards right corner, Shuffle fwdR,L,R

Waltz Fwd, Waltz Back 1/2 Left, Step Shuffle, Waltz Fwd
24,25,26Waltz fwd L,R,L
27,28,29Waltz back R,L,R making 1/2 left to face the diagonal
30,31&32Step fwd on L, Shuffle fwd R,L,R
34,35,36Waltz fwd L,R,L

Waltz Back on Diagonal, Waltz Fwd 1/8 Left, Waltz Back 1/4 Left, Waltz Fwd
37,38,39Waltz back RLR while making 1/8 turn left - to face side wall
40,41,42Waltz fwd L,R,L
43,44,45Waltz back RLR while making 1/4 left - to face back wall
46,47,48Waltz fwd L,R,L

*There is a Restart after count 12 on walls 3 and 6

Easy, this dance still has a bit of a challenge - enough to keep you interested I hope!
See you on the floor sometime… Jan

Choreo revised Nov. 2015

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