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All My Exes

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Shelagh Collins (ES)
All My Ex's Live In Texas - George Strait
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Step forward out-out. Step back right.step back left. (repeat)
1-2Step right forward diagonal. Step left forward diagonal.
3-4step back right. Step back left.
5-8Repeat 1-4.

Right grapevine Touch. left grapevine Touch.
1-2Step right to right side. Step left behind right.
3-4Step right to right side. Touch left beside right.
5-6Step left to left side. Step right behind left.
7-8Step left to left side. Touch right beside left.

Step right forward slide touch. Step left forward slide scuff.
1-2step forward right. Slide left beside right.
3-4step forward right. touch left beside right.
5-6Step left forward. Slide right beside left.
7-8Step left forward. Scuff right beside left.

Jazz Box 1/4 turn right. Jazz Box in place.
1-2Step right in front of left. Step back on right.
3-4Step right 1/4 turn right. Step left next to right.
5-6Step right in front of left. Step back on left.
7-8Step right beside left. Step left next to right.


Sandue February 15, 2018
Love your dances - I teach an Absolute Beginner and Beginner class here in The Villages, Florida. Your dances usually go to a lot of different music (which is good). Thank you so much and looking forward to any new ones that you do.

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