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Terry Hogan (AUS)
Rosie - Darren Coggan
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1-4Step right foot to right side, hold, step left foot beside right, hold
5-6Step right foot to the side, hold
Optional: push right shoulder forward with right step, left shoulder with left step
7-8Step left foot across behind right, step right foot slightly to the side
9-10Rock/step left foot forward, rock backwards onto right foot
11-14Toe struts backwards left-right
Optional extras: lean body slightly forward as you move backwards & click fingers forward at waist level with elbows close to hips
15Step left foot slightly backwards & make ¼ turn left
16Step right foot across in front of left
17Twist right heel to the left touching left toe close to right heel (toes pointed right)
18Twist right heel to the right touching left heel close to right toes (toes pointed left)
19-22Repeat counts 17 - 18 twice more (weight stays on right foot)
23-24Step left foot to left side, step right foot across in front of left
25-26Rock/step left foot to the side, rock/replace weight onto right
27Step left foot across in front of right
28Step right foot to the side & make ¼ turn left
29Step left foot backwards & make ¼ turn left
30Step right foot across in front of left
31Step left foot to the side
32Step right foot across in front of left (you should be facing 3:00 wall)
33-64Repeat counts 1 to 32 on opposite foot

The song which this dance was written for, currently available on CD single. Is available on Darren's debut album "Hometown" through ABC/EMI music. Although the song is "pacey" the steps are easy enough that most dancers should be able to do it without to many problems. Use any slower 2 step song for teaching.


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