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All Over Again
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Phil Carpenter (12 -2- 2013)
All Over Again - The Mavericks. Album: In Time (144 Bpm)
32 Count Intro.

Section 1: Right Side, Together, Right Side, Left Kick, Left Side, Together, Left Side, Right Kick
1 - 2Right Step To Side Right, Left Step Beside Right.
3 - 4Right Step To Right Side, Left Kick Forward.
5 - 6Left Step To Left Side, Right Step Beside Left.
7 - 8Left Step To Left Side, Right Kick Forward.

Section 2: Walk Back Right,Left,Right,Left Kick Forward, Slow Left Coaster,Hold
9 - 10Right Step Back,Left Step Back.
11 - 12Right Step Back, Left Kick Forward.
13 - 14Left Step Back, Right Step Back Beside Left.
15 - 16Left Step Forward, Hold.

Section 3: Walk Forward Right,Left,Right,Left Kick Forward,Jazz Box Turning ¼ Turn Left
17 - 18Right Step Forward, Left Step Forward.
19 - 20Right Step Forward, Kick Left Forward.
21 - 22With Left Foot In The Air Cross It In Front Of Right & Step Down, Step Back On Right.
23 - 24Turn ¼ Left Stepping Left To Left Side (9.00), Right Touch Beside Left.

Section 4: Right Heel Dig, Right Toe Tap, Right Heel Stomps X2, Right Side, Together,Cross,Hold
25 – 26Right Heel Dig Forward, Right Toe Touch In Place.
27 - 28Right Heel Stomp In Place Twice.
29 - 30Right Step To Right Side, Left Step Beside Right
31 - 32Right Cross Over Left, Hold

Section 5: Left Heel Dig, Left Toe Tap, Left Heel Stomps X2, Left Side, Together, Cross, Hold
33 - 34Left Hell Dig Forward, Left Toe Touch In Place.
35 - 36Left Heel Stomp In Place Twice.
37 – 38Left Step To Left Side, Right Step Beside Left.
39 - 40Left Cross Over Right, Hold.

Section 6:. Full Turn Left, Right & Left Hip Bumps X 4
41 - 42Right Step Back Turning ¼ Left (6.00), Left Step Back Turning ½ Turn Left. (12.00)
43 - 44Right Step Forward Turning ¼ Left (9.00), Left Step Beside Right With Touch
45 –46Left Step To Left Side & Bump Hips Left, Bump Hips To Right.
47 - 48Bump Hips Left, Bump Hips Right.
**Steps 41 – 44. Easier Option To Full Turn:
Right Step To Side Right, Left Step Beside Right, Right Step To Right Side, Touch Left Beside Right**

Section 7: Left & Right Slow Prissy Walks, Left Cross Rock, Side, Hold.
49 -50Slowly Cross Left Over In Front Of Right, Angling Body To Right
51-52Slowly Cross Right Over Left, Angling Body To Left.
53 –54Angling Body To Right, Left Cross Over Right, Recover Weight Right.
55 –56Left Step To Left Side, Hold.

Section 8: Weave Left,1/4 Turn Left,Step Pivot ½ Turn Left,1/4 Turn Left.
57 –58Right Cross Over Left, Left Step To Left Side
59 – 60Right Cross Behind Left, Left Step To Left Side Turning ¼ Left. (6.00)
61 – 62Right Step Forward, Pivot ½ Turn Left. (12.00)
63 – 64Right Step Forward, Pivot ¼ Turn Left. (W.O.L). (9.00)

Repeat Dance Facing New Wall

Enjoy And Have Fun

Contact - TEL: 01737 249368 - MOBILE 07931164028 - E/MAIL; philipcarpenter7@sky.com

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