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All That's Left

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High Beginner
Vicky St.Pierre - January 2015
All That's Left (feat. The Time Jumpers) - Miranda Lambert
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#16 count intro, No Tag/Restarts

[1-8] Modified Charleston, Walks Forward, Triple Forward
1-2Step L forward, Hitch R
3-4Step R back, Touch L back
5-6Walk L, Walk R
7&8Step L forward, Step R together, Step L forward

[9-16] 1/4 Pivot Left, Crossing Triple, Extended Vine Left
1-2Step R fwd, Pivot 1/4 left (weight ends L) (9:00)
3&4Step R across L, Step L side, Step R across L
5-6Step L side, Step R behind
7-8Step L side, Step R across
(More challenging option for counts 5-8:
Quick weave left. Step L side &, Step R behind 5, Step L side &, Step R across 6, Step L side &, Step R behind 7, Step L side &, Step R across 8)

[17-24] Turn 1/4 Left Step, Point, Step, Point, Forward Rock, Recover, Kick-Ball-Change
1-2Step L forward 1/4 left, Touch R to side (6:00)
3-4Step R forward, Touch L to side
5-6Rock L forward, Recover R
7&8Kick L, Step on ball of L, Step R fwd

[25-32] Fwd Rock, Recover, Sailor Step Turning 1/4 Left, Fwd Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
1-2Rock L forward, Recover R
3&4Turn 1/4 left stepping L behind R, Step R side, Step L forward (3:00)
5-6Rock R forward, Recover L
7&8Step R back, Step L together, Step R forward


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