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All The Way Gone

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Easy Intermediate
Alison Biggs (UK), Peter Metelnick (UK), Jo Kinser (UK) & John Kinser (UK) - June 2022
Start after 32 count intro (on vocals) – 11.9secs – 174bpm – 3mins 12secs
Music Available: Amazon: iTunes

[1-8] R side rock/recover, R together, L fwd, R heel fwd, R toes back, R fwd, hold
1-4Rock R side, recover weight on L, step R together, step L forward
5-8Touch R heel forward, touch R toes back, step R forward, hold

[9-16] L side rock/recover, L together, R fwd, L heel fwd, L toes back, L fwd, hold
1-4Rock L side, recover weight on R, step L together, step R forward
5-8Touch L heel forward, touch L toes back, step L forward, hold

[17-24] R fwd, ¼ L pivot turn, R cross step, hold, L back, hold, R side, hold
1-2Step R forward, pivot ¼ left (9 o’clock)
3-8Cross step R over L, hold, step L back, hold, step R side, hold

[25-32] R weave 4, L cross strut, R side strut
1-4Cross step L over R, step R side, cross step L behind R, step R side
5-8Cross touch L toes over R, step L heel down, touch R toes R side, step R heel down

[33-40] L back rock/recover, L side, hold, R behind, ¼ L, R fwd, hold
1-4Rock L back, recover weight on R, step L side, hold
5-8Cross step R behind L, turning ¼ left step L forward, step R forward, hold (6 o’clock)

[41-48] L fwd rock/recover, L back diagonal step touch R & clap, R back diagonal step touch L & clap, L side, touch R tog
1-2Rock L forward, recover weight on R
3-4Step L back on left diagonal, touch R together & clap hands
5-6Step R back on right diagonal, touch L together & clap hands
7-8Step L side, touch R together

[49-56] R rumba box forward: R side, L together, R fwd hold, L side, R together, L back hold
1-4Step R side, step L together, step R forward, hold
5-8Step L side, step R together, step L back, hold

[57-64] R/L back toe struts, R back rock/recover, R fwd stomp, L together stomp
1-4Touch R toes back, step R heel down, touch L toes back, step L heel down
5-8Rock R back, recover weight on L, stomp R forward, stomp L together

TAG 16 COUNTS: at end of walls 2 & 4 facing front wall
[1-8] Grapevine R with L back flick, grapevine L hitching R across L (figure of four) slap R
1-4Step R side, cross step L behind R, step R side, flick L behind R
5-8Step L side, cross step R behind L, step L side, hitch R across L slapping R knee with L hand

[9-16] R fwd, hold, ½ pivot L, hold, R fwd, ½ pivot L, stomp R fwd, stomp L together
1-4Step R forward, hold, pivot ½ left (weight on left), hold
5-8Step R forward, pivot ½ left, stomp R forward, stomp L together

ENDING: Final wall finishes facing back wall. Cross unwind to come to the front to finish in style. Enjoy!

Contact: Jo & John – or Alison & Peter –


Jean June 7, 2022
Fantastic country dance

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