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Alvaro Loca

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Dongsook Kim (KOR), February 2019
Loca by Alvaro Soler
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Intro: 16 counts(10 secs)

Sec 1: Hip Bump R 2×, Sweep, Travelling Back Sambas R-L
1&2&Touch RF toe forward with hip bumping right(1)-center(&)-right(2) -center(&)
3-4Sweeping R from front to back during 2counts
* Restart - will take place here in wall 4,11
5&6Cross RF behind LF(5), Rock LF to L side (&), Replace weight to RF (6)
7&8Cross LF behind RF(7), Rock RF to R side(&), Replace weight to LF(8)
Sec2: 3/4 L Paddle Turn, Botafogos L-R
1&2&Step RF back(1), ¼ Turn L transfer weight onto LF(&), Step RF back(2), ¼ Turn L transfer weight onto LF(&)
3&4Step RF back(3), ¼ Turn L transfer weight onto LF(&) Step RF Back(4) 3:00
5&6Step LF forward(5), Step RF to R(&), Recover LF(6)
7&8Step RF forward(7), Step LF to L(&), Recover RF(8)
Sec3: Rocking Chair - Syncopated Lock Step × 2
1&2&Rock LF forward(1), Recover RF(&), Rock LF back(3), Recover RF(&)
3-4&Step LF forward(3), Lock RF behind LF(4), Step LF forward(&)
* Restart - will take place here in wall 9
5&6&Rock RF forward(5), Recover LF(&), Rock RF back(6), Recover LF(&)
7-8&Step RF forward(7), Lock LF behind RF(8), Step RF forward(&)
S4: Samba Whisk L-R, Traveling Volta Full Turn L
1-2&Rock LF to L(1), Step RF behind LF(2), Recover LF(&)
3-4&Rock RF to R, Step LF behind RF, Recover RF(&)
5&6&¼ Turn L step LF forward(5), Recover RF(&), ¼ Turn L step LF forward(6), Recover RF(&)
7&8¼ Turn L step LF forward(7), Recover RF(&), ¼ Turn L step LF forward(8)

*Restart 1: after 4 counts during wall 4, facing (9:00)
*Restart 2: after 20 counts during wall 9, facing (12:00)
*Restart 3: after 4 counts during wall 11, facing (3:00)

Contect: DongSook Kim

Start dancing again

( 21:37:46)


J Young February 7, 2019

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