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Always Be

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Phrased Advanced
Serena Salomoni (20-02-2017)
How I'll Always Be by Tim McGraw
Sequence: A, A, B, A, B, A+RESTART, A, TAG, B, A

PART A (56 Count – 2 WALL)
A1: Step 1/4 to Right, Stomp, Toe, Heel, Hook, Shuffle, Hook, Slide, Stomp Left and Stomp Right
1-2Step 1/4 to Right and Stomp LF beside RF
&3-4Toe LF beside RF and turn 1/4 to left, heel LF, hook with LF Over RF
&5&6Shuffle LF, RF, LF and Hook Right behind LF
7&8Slide Back RF And Stomp LF , Stomp RF Beside LF

A2: Monterey turn 1/2 Right, Hook, Lock Step, Scuff
1-2Touch toe right side, turn 1/2 right
3-4Touch toe left side and Hook left behind RF
5-6Step forw left on diagonal left and step right cross behind LF
7-8Step forw left on diagonal left and Scuff to right beside LF

A3: Wave right, Poin right, Step, Point left, Toe forw
1-2Step right side, step left cross behind step right
3-4Step right side, step left cross over step right
5-6Point right side and step right forw
7-8Point left side and touch toe left forw

A4: Point Left, Step, Jumping Rock Step, Rock Forw, Turn 1/2 right, Scuff
1-2Point Left and step left back
3-4Jumping Rock Back Right
5-6Rock Step Right Forw and Turn 1/2 right
7-8Step right and Scuff left beside RF

A5: Jazz box, Step Forw, Rock Step, Turn 1/2 left, Step, Scuff
1-2Step left cross over RF, Step right back on diagonal right
3-4Step left side RF and Step Right forw
5-6Rock Step left Forw and Turn 1/2 left
7-8Step left forw and Scuff Right beside LF

A6: Jazz box, Point, Hook, Turn 1/2 left, Kick, Rock Step, Turn 1/2 left, Scuff
1-2Step right cross over LF and Step left back on diagonal left
3-4Step Righ side LF and Step next left to RF
&5&6Point Left side, Hook left behind RF, Turn 1/2 left, Kick Left forw and Rock step LF
7-8Turn 1/2 left step left forw and Scuff RF beside LF

A7: Jazz box, Jumping Rock Step, Stomp (twice)
1-2Step right cross over LF and Step left back on diagonal left
3-4Step Righ side LF and Step next left to RF
5-6Jumping Rock Step RF Back
7-8Twice Stomp Right Together LF

B1: Jumping Cross Right (Twice) Jumping Cross Left (Twice)
1-2Jumping to left with RF cross over LF
3-4Jumping to left with RF cross over LF
5-6Jumping to right with LF cross over RF
7-8Jumping to right with LF cross over RF

B2: Turn 1/2 left, Kick, Turn 1/2 Left, Kick, Slide, Stomp (Twice)
1-2Jumping Turn 1/2 left and Kick Right and step right
3-4Jumping Turn 1/2 left and Kick Left and close step Right beside LF
5-6Slide with RF Back on diagonal right
7-8Stomp LF and Stomp RF

B3: Heel Right, Heel Left, Lock Step, Step Right, Step Left, Step forw, HOLD
1-2Heel Right forw on diagonal right and Heel left side RF on diagonal right
3-4Step Right back and Step left cross over RF
5-6Open Step right back and Step left side RF
7-8Step Right cross over forw LF and HOLD

B4: Rolling Full Turn, Stomp (Twice), Apple Jack Alter, Kick (Twice)
1-2Rolling Full Turn 4/4 Right Forw
3-4Stomp Right and Stomp Left beside RF
5-6Swivel Right Toe and Left Heel to left side
7-8Kick Right Forw (Twice)

B5: Rock Step, Toe Strut Turn 1/2 left, Rock Step, Stomp, Kick Side
1-2Rock Step back with RF
3-4Turn 1/2 to left and Toe Strut with RF
5-6Rock Step back with LF
7-8Stomp Left Beside RF and Kick Left Side

B6: Cross, Turn 1/4 Left, Step, Heel, Step, Turn 3/4 right, Toe, Step, Hold
1-2Cross with LF over RF And Turn 1/4 left and Step right back
3-4Heel left forw on diagonal left and Step
5-6Touch right toe behind LF and Turn 3/4 Right
7-8Step forw right and HOLD

B7: Step, Heel R, Step, Heel L, Step, Touch Toe, Turn 1/2 right, Lock Step, Hold
1&2Step Left side, Heel Right Forw and Step right side
&3&4Heel Left Forw, Step right side, Touch right Toe cross behind LF and Turn 1/2 Right, step
5-6Step Right Forw and Step left cross behind RF
7-8Step Right Forw and HOLD

B8: Pivot 1/2 Right, Hold (Twice), Rolling Full Turn, Stomp (Twice)
1-2Step Left Forw and Pivot 1/2 Right
3-4Hold (twice)
5-6Step Left Forw and Rolling Full Turn 4/4 right
7-8Stomp Left forw and Stomp right beside LF

Restart on 6° Wall, Parte A after 44 Count – After “Jazz Box” and Before “Point Left Side”

TAG (8 COUNT) – Tag 8° Wall, Finish Part A And Tag
Rocking chair, Toe strut (twice)
1-2Rock Right forw
3-4Rock Right back
5-6Toe Strut right and Turn 1/2 left
7-8Toe Strut left and turn 1/2 left



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