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Always Crazy

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Inge Vestergård (DK) - March 2011
Out of It - Fallulah
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Start after a 16 counts intro. On main vocals.

Step, ½ turn left, ¼ turn reight, Back rock, Kick ball step
1-4Step R forward, ½ turn left, step forward on R, ¼ turn R stepping back on R (9.00)
5-6Rock back on R, recover L
7&8Kick forward on R, step R beside L, Step forward on L

Cross, ¼ turn x 2, Forward rock, Sweep, Hold, Ball point
1-3Cross R over L, ¼ turn R stepping back on L, ¼ turn R stepping R to side (3.00)
4-5Rock forward on L, recover on R
6-7Sweep L to side, hold
&8Step L beside R, point R to side

Cross, Point, Cross, Back lock step, Touch, Unwind
1-3Cross R over L, Point L to side, Cross L over R
4-6Step back on R, Cross L over R, Step back on R
7-8Touch L behind R, Unwind 3/8 left – keep weight on R (10.30)

Walk forward x 3, Hold, Cross twist walk x 3, Hold
1-4Walk forward L, Walk forward R, Walk forward L, Hold
5-8Hitch R and cross R in front of L, Hitch L and cross L in front of R, Hitch R and cross R in front of L, Hold

Back step, Back lock step, Step 3/8 turn, Full turn, ¼ turn
1-3Step back on L, Cross R over L, Step back on L
4-5Turn 3/8 R stepping forward on R, Step forward on L (3.00)
6-8Turn ½ L stepping back on R, Turn ½ L stepping forward on L, Turn ¼ L stepping R to side (12.00)

Cross, Hold, Back, Side, Cross, Scissor left
1-5Cross L over R, Hold, Step back on R, Step L to side, Cross R over L
6-8Step L to side, Step R next to L, Cross L over R
* (Restart here on wall 3 facing 6 o’clock)

¾ turn left, Hold, ½ turn right, Full turn right
1-4Turn ¼ L stepping back on R, Turn ½ L stepping forward on L, step forward on R, Hold (3.00)
5-8Step forward on L, ½ turn R, ½ turn R stepping back on L, ½ turn R stepping forward on R (9.00)

Step forward, Knee pop, Point left and reight, Heel switches, Side, Together
1&2Stepping L to R, Lift both Heels and make knee pop, Drop heels
3&4Point L to side, Step left next to R, point R to side
5&6&Turn body diagonal R and touch R heel forward, Step R next to L, Touch L heel forward, Step L next to R
7-8Turn body facing 9 o`clock and step R to side, Close L to R (weight ends on L) (9.00)

TAG 1: At the end of wall 5 facing 12 o’clock there is an 8 count tag, wich will be danced 4 times after another
Prissy walks x 3, Side rock, ¼ turn, Step, Lock step forward, Step, ½ turn R, Step
1-3Prissy walk R over L, Prissy walk L over R, Prissy walk R over L
4&5Side rock L, recover on R turning ¼ right, step forward on L (3.00)
6&7Step R forward, Lock L behind R, step forward R
&8&Step L forward, Turn ½ right, Step forward on L (9.00)

TAG 2: Following tag 1 facing 12 o’clock, there is an 8 count tag, wich will be danced twice
Step, Hold, Rock step, ½ turn left, Step ½ turn left
1-4Step forward on right, hold, rock forward on L recover on R
5-8Turn ½ L on ball of R, hold, step forward on R, ½ turn L (6.00)
After the 2 tags you will start from the beginning of the dance.

ENDING: Wall 7, facing 6 o’clock, the music will slow down. You will then be in section 4. After walking the 3 steps forward and hold,
You will make the 3 cross twist walks slow. Then you cross L over R turning ½ right stepping forward on L facing 12 o’clock.


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