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Always In My Heart
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Intermediate Slow & smooth NC2S
Peter Davenport (Oct 2013)
Only You Can Love Me This Way - Keith Urban, [4.08]
16 Count Intro, Approx 15 seconds, Start just before he sings “Well I know there’s a reson”

Step Back R.L.R, ½ L, Mambo ½ R, Step ¼ Cross, ¼ L, ½ L, ¼ L Slide
1Step back on R [12]
2&3Step back on L.R, ½ L step on L [6]
4&5Rock forward on R, Recover on L ½ R step on R [12]
6&7Step forward on L, Pivot ¼ R, Cross L over R [3]
8&1¼ L step back on R, ½ L step L to L, ¼ L long step to L with R [3]

NC2 Step, Rock ¼ R, Step ¾ R, Behind ¼ L Step
2&3Rock L behind R, Recover on R, Long step to L with L [3]
4&5Rock R behind L, Recover on L, ¼ R step on R [6]
6&7Step ¾ R, Step L to L [3]
8&1Cross R behind L, ¼ L step on L, Step on R [12]

Forward & Side & Rock Back & Step, Sailor ¼ R, Forward Coaster
2&3&Rock forward on L, Recover on R, Rock out on L, Recover on R [12]
4&5Rock L behind R, Recover on R, Step L to L [12]
6&7Sailor ¼ R [3]
8&1Step L forward, Bring R to L, Step back on L [3]

Rock Replace, Shuffle ½ L, Step, ½ R, Step ¼ Cross
2.3 Rock back on R, Recover on L [3]
4&5Shuffle ½ L, R.L.R [9]
6.7 Step back on L, ½ R step on R [3]
8&1Step on L, Pivot ¼ R, Cross L over R [6]

Sway, Sway, Full Rolling Turn R, Cross Back, ¼ L Shuffle
2.3 Step R to R & Sway R.L (prep body for full turn) [6]
4&5Full turn R, ¼ ½ ¼ [6]
6.7 Cross L over R, Step back on R [6]
8&1¼ Shuffle, L.R.L [3]

¼ Step Scuff x 2, Rock Replace Step Back, Coaster, Touch ½ Sweep ¼ R
2&3&¼ R step on R,2. Scuff L, &. Step down on L, 3. Scuff R, & [6]
(these steps are stroll steps in the words, I have added stroll scuff steps)
4&5Rock forward on R, Recover on L, Step back on R [6]
6&7L coaster step [6]
8&1Touch R toe back, ½ R step on R, ¼ R sweep L round [3]

Cross ¼ L, Shuffle ¼ L, Step ½ L Shuffle ½ Turn
2.3 Cross L over R, 2. ¼ L step back on R 3. [12]
4&5Shuffle ¼ L, L.R.L [9]
6.7 Step forward on R, Pivot ½ L [3]
8&1Shuffle ½ L, R.L.R [9]

Coaster Step, & Step & Step, Mambo ½ R, ¼ R Side Touch
2&3L Coaster Step [9]
&4&5Step R forward ,&. Bring L to R, 4. Step R forward, & Bring L to R [9]
(these steps are like a small run forward with weight ending up on L)
6&7Mambo ½ R, Rock forward on R, Recover on L, ½ R [3]
8&¼ R step on L, Touch R to L [6]

*Restart Wall 2
Dance up to and including counts 4&5 on section 6, count 5 is count 1. Restart the dance.

Contact: peterdavenport@hotmail.com

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