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Beginner / Intermediate
Barry Durand (USA)
American Boy - Estelle & Kanye West
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Intro: Wait past slow intro and go 32 counts into the music

(1-8) Rock Recover Coaster Step Shoulder Bumps
1,2,3&4 L forward rock, recover R, coaster back by stepping back L, together R, forward L
5,6,7,8 Step side R while bumping R shoulder to right, bump L shoulder to L, bump R shoulder to R, drag L toward R while holding on R count 8.

(9 – 16) Cross Rock Recover, Side, Kick and Boogie Walk
1,2,3,4 Rock across with L, recover R, step side L, kick R
&5,6,7,8 step quickly on R, and boogie walk L,R,L but step on L and hold with foot turned slightly out hold count 8 and drag R foot toward L. Boogie walk is using R knee slightly behind L knee and pushing L knee out to left, then as you step forward with R you use your L knee to push R knee out to right, and then repeat on Left.

(17-24) Fast Jazz Boxes, Stationary Pivot Turn, Shuffle
1&2,3&4 Do syncopated jazz boxes by crossing R over, step L back, step R side. Cross L over, step R back, step L side.
5,6,7&8 Turn ¼ turn left and step forward with R, pivot turn by keeping R in place and turning ½ turn to the left stepping forward on L. Shuffle forward R,L,R by stepping forward R, together L, forward R.

(25-32) Syncopated Weave, Slow Twist Turn
1,2&3,4 Cross L over R, then step side R, quick cross behind L, step side R, cross over L
5-8 Twist Turn by unwinding and doing a full turn to the right ending with weight on R. For styling you can bounce slightly in this turn. Advanced dancers will have time to do at least a double turn.


One Restart: (After Kanye rap type part after Estelle sings softly for part of the verse) On the 12th wall you will do 16 counts and restart. Because you are at the end of the boogie walks, you need to step on R together with L on count 16 to be ready to start on L.


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