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Amor Por Ti

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High Beginner
Jun Andrizal (d'ULD Pusat) & Mitha Primasari (INA) June 2017
Nada Cambiara Mi Amor Por Ti (David Bisbal)
I. Big Step-Cross Behind-Cross Over-Recover-Turn 1/2- Big Step-Behind Side Cross-Sweep-Cross Over -Cross Back-Sweep.
1-2&3Big step R to side, Cross L back, Step R to side, Cross L over (12.00)
4&5Recover on R, Turn 1/4 to left step L forward (9.00), Turn 1/4 left Big Step R to side. (6.00)
6&7Cross L back, Step R to side, Cross L over sweep R to front.
8&1Step cross R over L, Step L to side, Cross R back sweep L to back.

II. Cross Back-Turn 1/4 Forward R-L-R-Turn 3/4 Left-Cross Back-Step Side-Cross Over-Recover-Turn 1/4 Left.
2&3Step cross L Back, Turn 1/4 right step R forward, Step L forward (9.00)
4&5Step R forward, Turn 1/2 left step L forward (3.00), turn 1/4 left step R to side (12.00)
6&7Step cross L back, Step R to side, Cross L over R.
8&Recover on R, Turn 1/4 left step L forward (9.00)

#Tag on Wall 3 & 9 :
1-2Sway R - L

#Restart on Wall 6 after 4& count


Jules June 16, 2017
Brilliant little dance taught yesterday in class great for teaching beginners and advanced dancers loved it as well. Well choreographed to a beautiful track.

Mitha January 3, 2018
Thank you so much Jules...xoxo

Mitha January 3, 2018
very sorry there's been a small revised for the Restart : Turn 1/4 Left and start again at 3 o'clock

Thank you everyone...cheers

Jules January 4, 2018
Thanks for letting me know - we are still dancing this a big favorite in class liked by all xxx will recap with the revised restart

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