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And I Love Her

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Vickie Schermbeck (USA) - January 2012
And I Love Her - The Beatles
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[1 – 8] Right Fwd Cross Rock, shuffle R; Left Fwd Cross Rock, shuffle L
1,2,3&4Cross R over left, recover back on L, chasse R ( R, L, R)
5,6,7&8Cross L over R, recover back on R, chasse L (L, R, L)

[9 -16] Pivot 1/4 to L, Crossing Triple; Rock L, Behind, Side, Cross (9:00)
1,2Step R fwd turn 1/4 to L, recover L
3&4Cross R over left, step L, cross R over L
5,6Step L to L, recover R
7&8Step L behind R, Step R, Step L over R

[17-24] Side step R, L, Mambo ; Side step L, R, Mambo fwd
1,2Small step to R, Step L next to R L - (Latin hips) – (weight ends on L)
3&4Mambo Step R, L, R stepping slightly fwd
5,6Small step to L, Step R next to L-(Latin Hips) (weight on R)
7&8Mambo step L,R,L, moving fwd

[25 – 32] Pivot 1/2 ccw , triple fwd, 360 spin (two step turn) cw, triple fwd (3:00)
1,2Step R fwd turn 1/2 to L, recover L
3&4Triple step fwd R,L,R
5,6Turning 1/2 to R step back on L, Turning 1/2 to R step fwd on R
7&8Triple step fwd L, R, L
Restart here

[33 – 40] Big step to right, drag L to R; L Back Rock, Mambo Left
1-4Big step to right (1,2), drag left slowly towards right (3,4)
5,6Rock L behind R, recover onto R
7&8Step L, R, L

Restart at end of 3rd wall before starting 4th wall
Do first 32 counts; then restart (omitting last 8-big step & drag)

Interlude verse starts: A love like ours could never die
As long as I have you near me "do do do dooonnnn" ! Restart!

Vickie Schermbeck

I hope you enjoy the dance! The music is awesome, of course.


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