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Angel Cha

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Beginner / Intermediate
Birthe Tygesen (DK) - December 2008
Tango - Jaci Velasquez
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Alternative Music:
Angel of No Mercy by Collin Raye **see NOTE below
Islands in the Stream by Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers

Section 1: step diagonally fwd L, cross rock, chasse, cross rock, coasterstep
1-2-3 step L forward to L diagonal, rock R across L, recover onto L (10:30)
4&5 step R to R side (12:00), step L besides R, step R to R side (cha cha cha) (12:00)
6-7 rock L across R, recover onto R
8&1 step back L, step R next to L, step fwd L (12:00)

Section 2: walk R,L, lockstep fwd, rockstep fwd, weave
2-3 walk R - L(or full turn L moving forwards) (or Skate R-L when using alternative music)
4&5 step fwd R, step L behind R, step fwd R
6-7 rock fwd onto L, recover onto R
8&1 step L behind R, step R to R side, step L across R (12:00)

Section 3: side rock, cross shuffle, point fwd L, hold, sweep into ¼ turn L sailorstep
2-3 rock R to right side, recover onto L turning a bit to L diagonal (10.30)
4&5 step R across L, step L to L side, step R across L (body turned to L diagonal)
6-7 point L diag. fwd, hold,
8&1 sweep L into ¼ turn L stepping L behind R, step R to R side, large step L to L side (9:00)

Section 4: touch, lift, shuffle fwd, rockstep fwd, ½shuffle turn- to start again
2-3 touch R besides L (bending L knee), small lift or kick fwd R (stretching L)
4&5 step fwd R, step L next to R, step fwd R (cha cha cha)
6-7 rock fwd onto L, recover onto R
8& (1) ¼ turn L onto L, step R next to L, ¼ turn L stepping forward L (3:00)
(the last step in this shuffle ½ turn is starting the dance on count 1)

Note: When using the music Angel of No Mercy

**TAG/RESTART: During wall 5, dance section 1, and restart the dance on count 1(stepping forward L in the coasterstep). Easy to hear.

ENDING As an ending you make a ¾ shuffleturn (instead of the ½ shuffleturn)


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