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Angel In My Room ( Ängeln I Rummet )
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Easy Intermediate NC2
Jessica Boström (SWE) March 2018
"Ängeln I rummet" by Eva Dahlgren – 4:02 Album: För minnenas skull - iTunes
Choreographers note: This dance is choreographed to the original Swedish version of the song but there is also an English version called ”Angel In My Room” if you would like to use that one instead.
I still do prefer that you use the original version. The phrasing is the same.

Intro: 32 counts, approx 29 secs into track. Start with weight on L foot.

Section 1: R Basic. L Basic 1/4 Left. R Basic. L Side. R Coaster Step.
1 - 2 &Step R big step to Right side, step L behind R, cross R over L. (12:00)
3 - 4 &Step L Big step to Left side, step R behind L, make 1/4 Left stepping forward on R. (9:00)
5 - 6 &Step R big step to Right side, step L behind R, cross R over L. (9:00)
7Step L big step to Left side. (9:00)
8 & 1Step R big step back, step L beside R, step forward on R. (9:00)

Section 2: L Step Pivot 1/4 Cross. 1/4 R Back Lock Step. 1/2 Turn Left. R Rocking Chair.
2 & 3Step forward on L, make 1/4 Right transfering weight on R, cross L over R. (12.00)
4 & 5Make 1/4 turn Left stepping back on R, lock L over R, step back on R. (9.00)
6Make 1/2 turn Left stepping a small step forward on L. (3.00)
7&8&Rock forward on R, recover onto L, rock back on R, recover onto L. (3.00)
*Note: This is your Restart point on wall 2 & 4.

Section 3: 1/8 Right Step R Forward With Sweep Cross Back. L Back With Sweep Behind Side. R Cross Rock Side. L Cross Rock Side.
1 - 2 &Turn 1/8 Right stepping forward on R as you sweep L from back to front, cross L over R, step back on R. (4:30)
3 - 4 &Step back on L as you sweep R from front to back, step R behind L, step R to Right side. (4:30)
5 - 6 &Cross rock R over L, recover onto L, step R to Right side now squaring up to the back wall. (6:00)
7 - 8 &Cross rock L over R, recover onto R, step L to Left side. (6:00)

Section 4: R Cross Step. L Side Rock Cross. R Side Behind Side. L Coaster Step With 1/4 Turn Left. Run Run With 1/2 Turn Left.
1Cross R over L. (6.00)
2 & 3Rock L to Left side, recover onto R, cross L over R. (6:00)
4 & 5Step R to Right side, step L behind R, step R to Right side. (6.00)
6 & 7Turn 1/4 Left stepping back on L, step R beside L, step forward on L. (3:00)
8 &Turn 1/4 Left small runstep forward on R, turn 1/4 Left small runstep forward on L. (9:00)
(These last runsteps on counts 8 & should be executed more like an arc shaped tight half turn rather than two sharp quarter turns.)

To start the dance over again you need to make another 1/4 L squaring up to the back wall (6:00) stepping R big step to Right side on count 1 as you do your first R Basic.

*Restarts :-
On the second wall, starts facing 6:00. After 16 counts restart facing 9:00
On the fourth wall, starts facing 3:00. After 16 counts restart facing 6:00
Due to the first restart on the second wall you will start the third wall facing 9:00 and the fourth wall starts facing 3:00.
All the other walls start facing either the front or the back wall. Which makes it a two wall dance that starts at all four walls.

Contact: jessica.bostrom@hotmail.com

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