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Angel Of Love

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Beginner / Intermediate
Dzintra Rozite (LAT) - March 2008
Angel Of Love - Borderers
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(1-8) Lock Step Forward Scuff 2x
1-4 Step R forward, close L behind R, step R forward, scuff L forward beside R
5-8 Step L forward, close R behind L, step L forward, Scuff R forward

(9-16) Step ,1/4 Pivot , Cross, Step¼ back, Step¼ side, Cross
1-4 Step R forward, pivot ¼ left , step R cross L, hold (9:00)
5-8 Step L back ¼ turn right, step R side ¼ turn right, step L across R, hold (3.00)

(17-24) Vine Right, Step ¼ right, Step Forward, Pivot ½ right, Step Forward, Touch & Clap
1-4 Step R to right, step L behind R, Step R forward ¼ right, step L forward
5-8 Pivot ½ right , step L forward , step forward on R bending right knee and leaning forward, toch L behind R & clap (12.00)

(25-32) Step Back Touch & clap 2x, Coaster Step
1-4 Step back on L bending L knee and leaning back, Touch R beside L & clap, clap, step back on R bending right knee and leaning back, toch L behind R & clap
5-8 Step back L, Step R beside L, Step L forward, hold (12:00)

(33-40) Lock Step Forward, Triple Full Turn Left
1-4 Step R forward turning body to lrft diagonal, Close L behind R, Step R forward keeping body to left diagonal, low hitch L turning body to right diagonal
5-8 Triple step full turn left starting with L (12.00)

(41-48) Step Forward, Rock , Recover, Step Behind, Step 1/4 Right, Scuff , Hitch, Step Beside
1-8 Step R forward., Rock L to left side, replace on R, Step L behind R ,step R forward ¼ right, scuff L forward, hitch L , step L beside R (3.00)

(49-56) Lock Step ¾ turn Right, Lock Step ¾ turn left
1-4 Step R forward ¼ right bending knees, lock L behind R straighten knees ,Step R 1/2 R, Step R forward bending Right knee, Scuff L beside R strighting knees (12:00)
5-8 Step L forward ¼ left bending left knee, lock R behind L straighten knees, step L ½ forward , bending L knee, brush R forward beside left straighten knee (3:00)

(57-64) Lock step Back, Coaster
1-4 Step R back, Lock L to R, Step R back, hold
5-8 Step L back, Step R beside L, Step L forward, scuff R forward beside L (3.00)

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