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Intermediate / Advanced
Guyton Mundy (Feb 09)
Angels On The Moon by Thriving Ivory
Starts 12 counts from start of track on the word “dream”

(1-8) L Side, Behind, Cross, L Full Sweep, Weave With 1/4, Behind 1/4 Forward, 1/4 Side With Knee Pops
1-2& Step big step L (1), step R behind L (2), cross L over R (&),
3 step R to R with slightly bent knee sweep full turn L on L (3)
4&5 step L to L (4), cross R behind L (&), make a 1/4 turn to L stepping forward on L (5),
6& make a 1/4 turn to L stepping R to R side (6), step L behind R (&),
7& make 1/4 turn to R stepping forward on R (7), make a 1/4 turn to R stepping L to L side, while you press onto the ball of the right foot and pop R knee out to R (&),
8& Pop R knee in (8), pop R knee out (&) [12:00]

(9-16) Knee Pop With 1/4 Kick , Back, 1/2, 3/8, Back, 1/2, Step, Rocks, Recovers
1 While popping R knee in, make a 1/4 turn to L while kicking L fwd with flexed foot
2&3 Step back on L (2), step back on R (&), make a 1/2 over L stepping forward on L,(3)
4&5 make a 3/8 of a turn over L stepping back on R, (10:30) step back on L, step back on R
6 Turn 1/2 L stepping fwd on L (6),
7&8& Step fwd R (7), rock fwd L (&), recover back on R (8), step back on L (&),

(17-24) 1/2, 3/4 Sweep , Back, 1/2 Cross, Unwind, Back, 1/2 , Press , Body Pulse X2
1 Make a 1/2 turn to R stepping forward on R, as soon as you weight the right foot, sweep L 3/4 turn over R shoulder (1) [7:30]
2&3 Step back on L (2), step back on R (&), step back on L (3),
4&5 1/2 turn R stepping fwd on R (4), cross L over R (&), unwind full turn (5) [weight R]
6&7 step back on L (6), step back R (&), step back L (7)
8 Make a 1/2 turn over R pressing forward on ball of R foot while slightly throwing Shoulders forward as your elbows come up and forward and out away from your body & slightly throw shoulders forward again as you let your arms follow from elbow to hand In a ripple effect forward out from your body

(25-32) Kick R, Behind , 1/8,1/4 Forward, Cross, Back 1/8 , Side L, Weave With 1/4, 1/8, 1/8
1 Taking weight on L, push off of R into a low R kick forward (1)
2&3 Step back on R (2), turn 1/8 L to L side (&), make a 1/4 turn to L stepping fwd on R (3)
4&5 Cross L over R (4), make an 1/8 of a turn to L while stepping back on R (&), step back on L (5)
6 Step R behind L
7 Make 1/8 turn to L stepping L to L side
&8& Make 1/4 turn to L stepping R to R side (&), make 1/8 turn to L stepping back on L (8), Step back on R (&). When starting dance over, you will make another 1/8 turn to L Taking a big side step to your L for count 1, centering up either to front or back wall.

*1st Restart: Wall 6. Wall six starts on the back wall. Dance the first three sets of eight then restart. You will be facing 1:30 when it happens, having just done your pulses for counts 8&. On that last & count, have your weight on your R, then center up to the front wall and take a big step L to restart.

*2nd Restart: Wall 7. Wall seven starts on the front wall. The restart will occur midway through The last set of eight. The counts will be 1, 2&3, 4&…. 1 (restart).
After counts 4&, center up to front wall with a big step L to restart.


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